Partial Government Shutdown

As I’m sure most are aware. This email I got today with regards to what is available to mariners.

partial_govt_shutdown_20181226.pdf (137.6 KB)

Somewhere there is someone who was scheduled to test this week and losing his shit at this nonsense.


When this happened back in 2015 i remember I was losing my shit. I was literally a couple days from pulling the trigger on heading to my local REC. After about two days of being beside myself i settled down, thought it may be an omen i shouldn’t test and considered it a good thing…got more study time.

Probably another good reason to not be one of those guys who waits till a month from their mmd expiration to renew also. I would hate to be in that situation right now. Plus the longer the shutdown goes the more back up processing apps at the NMC.

Many government employees are dedicated and hardworking, but many of them just go through the motions without really accomplishing much.

From about December 20th to January 2nd, most businesses and government have much lower productivity. Many people take time off. Winter weather slows things down.Travel delays occur. It’s cold and flu season. There are Christmas parties to attend. Kids are on vacation from school. There is shopping to do. Most people are not getting much done anyway.

We would be better off if many government offices simply shutdown and required their staff to take vacation time over the Holidays.

The NMC is incompetent and performs at a low level on its best days. I suspect that it accomplishes next to nothing over the Holidays anyway. I doubt that we’ll notice much difference.

True, this is the worst time of year to get things done because of the reasons you mentioned.
I want to say that that shutdown i was referring to back in 2015 lasted a while. Few weeks maybe? Hopefully that isn’t the case this time. Disgruntled gov’t workers not getting a paycheck and mariners not being able to handle their business.

what I want to know about is whether KPee is still open for business or if the whole place is dark? if the lights are out, I pray they never get turned back on

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Applied for my renewal and increase in scope 2 months ago. Paperwork all finally done last week. License Expires next week. Contacted my senator and rep calling for NMC shutdown extension letter to be issued. :pleading_face:gotta work. Ugh. I see they issued extensions during the last shutdown.

Were you missing something and that’s why it took 2 months to get your paperwork in order? I submitted my renewal app on 29 November and new license was in hand on 21 December. Three weeks, I was very impressed with the efficiency of the process.

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I was one of those guys, in 1995 or so. IIRC we had the STCW cert, the Z-card and the license to keep track of.

My z-card was almost expired when I noticed. Spent a couple days in a Long Beach hotel during a shut down. Knowing that I "should have’ renewed earlier doesn’t really make it any more pleasant.

It wasn’t an “appeal” as that term is used in the CFR. My office handles those and we did not have one on that issue.

You got lucky. You should have had a Nav. Problems and deck general/deck safety module.

Ah I see. Not sure what it’s called. Thanks

An ordinary application which is super routine and easy will take 1 to 2 months.

An ordinary Application which is”difficult” takes 4 to 10 months.

A Request for Reconsideration takes about 9 months.

I know this because it is what has happened to me.

I don’t know how long an Appeal takes, because I’ve never had to do one, but it must be months.

All together from initial Application, through Request for Reconsideration, and through Appeal, that process probably takes 1 to 2 years.

Try getting a replacement “Medical Card”. Good luck. Its much easier and faster to submit a new physical and get a new medical card.