Parametric roll motions study

Hi members of gCaptain,
I am currently conducting a study on Parametric roll motions for my final year project at Plymouth University, the following link would take you to the questionnaire, it should not take more than 5-10 minutes to complete. Your time and effort will be very much appreciated, if you have any further question, please feel free to contact me at:


thank you once again for your time and effort, looking forward to see your responses.


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Thank you for the suggestion. It is a very interesting read.

Yeah, on the job training. I had never heard of parametric rolling before that and didn’t understand what was happening till I got home and started researching on the internet.

My relief had significant cargo damage next voyage due to heavy rolling and I was told through the grapevine it was while hove to in head seas.

I still haven’t seen anything official about parametric rolling but the latest version of the weather routeing software I got aboard shows areas where both synchronous and parametric rollling are a risk.

What was?

Sorry i thought you were referring me to @Kennebec_Captain`s blog on his experience with Parametric roll motions, apologies for the confusion.

I was tagging him into the thread because he has written on the topic. I’m glad you found the blog though, now to see if I can as well.

Parametric Rolling

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