Painted Girls Not Welcome

Painted girls not welcome in Norway<br>SSG-RINGKØBING.The Danish repair yard Orskov will not<br>be welcome at next year’s Nor-Shipping exhibition in Oslo if<br>the company chooses to bring its usual exhibition publicity<br>stunt: Two young girls being body painted by a German artist.<br>After news coverage of the partly naked girls at the ONS<br>exhibition in Stavanger, the management of Nor-Shipping has<br>sent a letter to the Danish Export Group explaining that Orskov<br>is no longer welcome in Oslo.<br><br>“I am very angry with this message”, Jeppe Orskov told SSG.<br>“There really is no harm in this and every visitor remembers<br>these girls long after, and that is in my opinion the general<br>idea behind participating in a trade fair like Nor-Shipping”. “We<br>will look carefully into if we want to come to the fair in Oslo at<br>all, although Norway is our main market for repairs”, Jeppe<br>Orskov explains. The Danish Export Group has yet to comment<br>the letter sent from Nor-Shipping. The group arranges the<br>Danish pavilion, but is not responsible for company events<br>during the fair.<br><br><img alt="" src="]

id bring her there for refit

I want more photos …

Here ya go…from Fantasy Fest 2008

If they are so into the pure traditions of seafaring, someone should remind the Norwegians what the figureheads on squareriggers used to look like…not much difference in my own learned opinion.
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Something makes me think the new breed of Nordic seafaring perfection (in their own minds!) has lost quite alot of the saltiness and stoicism of their forefathers. Too uppity with too fancy vessels that they are so afraid might get the paint scratched if they did any real work!
Sorry, those are the Norskies found in Fourchon these days but I might well imagine it pervades their entire industry. What happened to the oldtimers named Ole or Hans who would row their skiffs offshore to handline for some cod, get hit by a blow, then have to row for a week to get home and MADE IT BACK!
I say bring on the girls and the more the better unless you swing for the other team and I am not going to go there :wink:
Uff Da!


It’s a Sad Sad Day!