Paint and oil bucket stowage CFR for INFV

Hi I’m aboard an Uninspected Alaskan factory trawler and I was looking to stow unused Oil buckets and paint in my steering room. Are there any CFR’s regarding proper stowing of paint and Oil buckets that I should be aware of. It seems that CFR’s are vague regarding uninspected vessels.

Are you under ACSA?

I don’t believe so we are based out of Seattle

Do you do head and gut or further processing? This will determine whether you fall under the ACSA program aside from a few grandfathered vessels.
Oil in buckets is ok paint needs to be in paint locker. What will matter on which CFR you’re under is the required construction of the paint locker and the interpretation of it by your inspector. Some of them are reasonable and understand good seamanship and some are dicks.