Packing checklist


I don’t have any issues with cotton underwear stinking. You just need to wash them regularly…


I think he got ya there! :joy::joy:


Didn’t see that one coming :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You can do that? I thought those “maytag” machines were to dispense soap out the scuppers to hide small spills and over eager decanting of rainwater off the deck.


Haha. Gotta admit, good answer. I actually came to this thread to say I liked the hockey bag (with wheels) idea. Okay JD no more office worker comments😉


My wheeled Dakine duffel is basically a hockey bag with a flower pattern. Good suggestion- maybe my next bag will be a hockey bag. You would think I would know this with so many family who play (including a son)

So far, though, knock on wood, my Dakine is hanging in there. Unlike John, I generally carry my own bag up the gangway.


I pull my wheeled suitcase up the accommodation ladder Wolf Lasen style, like it ain’t no thing.


When I was starting out I used surplus seabags at the time you could get one for $25.0 and they where bullet proof as I got older and softer the wheeled things started to gain appeal now i use a wheeled bag and a small back pack when flying. I remember giving hands a hard time that only had maybe two sets of work close but as I get older I’m starting to see the light less is more. I will never forget one of the first captains I worked for came to work with maybe two sets of cloths and I can’t remember ever seeing him having any problems it’s just what ever works for you.

It’s funny i’m heading to work and its like auto pilot no list just the crap I think I’m going to need mostly paperwork and maybe a couple sets of cloths.


The sets of work clothes thing is going to depend on how many people you are sharing a washing machine with. In my case, I bring 3-4 sets and an extra t-shirt or two because we may have up to 40 people sharing 2-3 washers. I end up doing a load every few days.

I worked with a guy who had one boiler suit. One. He’d wear it until he could stand it up in the corner. Nobody wanted to get near him. We’ve all worked with “that guy!”


Oh yes! I work around steam and gas turbines now, and a boiler suit in 125 degrees really seals in the flavor so to speak! There’s always one guy that just refuses to wash his. He usually eats lunch and break alone :joy::joy:


One thing I forgot, most of what we wore depended on the client. PEMEX was coveralls all the time, everywhere, so it was an easy packing. Others are more liberal. I would ask someone beforehand. Likewise if it is coveralls all the time, good underwear and t shirts make a massive difference.


Working 28/14 i bring multiple sets of clothes and the Tug doesn’t hold by 2k of potable water with a crew of 5 , please don’t be the asshole who washes their clothes every 3 days


On a research ship we generally have plenty of water, and make it almost all the time. In your situation, however, it’s certainly understandable.

One of my biggest beefs are with the people who wash one t-shirt and a pair of socks or underwear. The commercial washers we have generally cannot be adjusted for load size. Talk about a wanton waste of water. Yes, we make more, but that’s not the point. I also do not use the extra rinse. If you don’t overdo it with the soap, you don’t need it. I wish they would let us disable that function.


Yeah that’s good it To be nice have that much water and not counting down the days to hit the dock and top off with water


Lots of cigars… buy a box of montecristos or ramon Allones if you see Cubans


I️ wouldn’t go down the block without some tobacco products, let alone to sea! :sunglasses:


I like mini cigars myself. I bring a couple boxes of romeo y julietas or montecristo memories. It’s like an after work treat.


Don’t know the rules, but years ago I made it habit to only wear natural fiber or fire retardant clothes on ships, industrial facilities, etc. Big safety item for flames.

So that means cotton or wool undies and socks.


I quit smoking 25 years ago and probably one of the top 10 asshole reformed smokers. But I do miss a cohiba and glass of Flor de cana with 1 ice cube!


Ha. Reminds me of a story. On one ship we had those photoelectric smoke detectors that would go off because of steam if more than 5 showers were on at the same time. We had a fire alarm panel on the bridge and you had to physically hold the button to silence the alarm while summoning the bosun to go down and bang on doors to get people out of the showers. It would take about 30 minutes standing there holding the button until the alarm would clear.

Long story short the Captain walked in on one mate dozing off on watch with his feet up on the ecdis console. I was talking with the Chief at the time and, after admonishing the watch, the old man walked down to my office to complain about the watch. At one point he looked at the Chief and said “I wish you could rig something up that sounded a goddanm alarm when he tried to sit down on watch”

“Oh, I can do that easy Capt” said the Chief. Then he dialed up the intercom system and made an announcement “This is the Chief, we are running low on water DO NOT use the laundry or showers until further notice”

10 minutes later our VHF’s screeched to life. “Bosun, this is the bridge, the goddam :fire: alarm is sounding, tell those assholes to get out of the shower!!”