Pacific Northwest Upcoming Weather

Pacific Northwest Storm Parade, Including Remnant of Typhoon Songda, Could Bring Destructive Winds, Flooding, Huge Waves

Get ready storm watchers.

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Listen to me kid…there is no way in hell a pipsqweak like you could survive such weather.

Why don’t you go play with your toys somewhere nice and safe?

[B]Pacific Northwest Storm Parade! Including Remnant of Typhoon Songda, Could Bring Destructive Winds! Flooding! Huge Waves!!![/B]

Hi, we’re your weather girls. And have we got news for you.

even though this thread was started by a person who’s name will not pass my lips, I want to add this lovely forecast surface synopsis for this coming evening

to be ready for it, I went to Seattle yesterday and put out additional fenders on both DAUNTLESS and ORCA plus too all the slack out of the mooring lines. At the moment, DAUNTLESS’s stern is towards the south so will be taking the brunt of the winds from astern so has three doubled forward springs of 1" diameter double braid line plus doubled outboard stern lines. I also took the smaller lines I normally use to moor the ORCA and replaced them with the same 1" double braid lines used to moor the DAUNTLESS. So both boats are as secure as I believe I can make them with what will likely be strong storm force winds tonight. Not looking forward to it but certainly glad to not be offshore anywhere close to Cape Flattery

My blow boat at Shilshole has 5/8" 3 strand poly dac lines. Sping line and bow and stern are doubled. Lots of cut up fire hose for chaffing gear. Has been fine during other blows over the years.

Well, its about 1845, I’m doing storm watch on Lake Washington at the 520 floating bridge. It didn’t start blowing till 1800ish, and at this point it isn’t too bad.

The Washington State Ferries that report weather are getting upper 30’s between Seattle and Bremerton, but it isn’t that bad here on the lake. Yet

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And as I sent that the rain started. Sound like a snake hissing. . .