Pacific Maritime Institute Mate Program vs CMA

Thank you very much for all the advice. I have decided to stay at CMA, and will definitely work on getting work on tugs or the pilot boat while on breaks. Thanks again,
Jacob Ellestad

Jacob keep us up to date as to how things are going for you, ok? It will be interesting to follow your progress. We wish you all the best in your pursuits!

I’m hoping to get into PMI- starting in May. I’ve spoken to Greg- but haven’t heard for sure whether I’m in or not. (Fingers crossed…)

All things being equal- I’d prefer CMA. But at my age I can’t afford to not earn money for as long as CMA takes…

Have you interviewed with any of the sponsor companies?

Not yet-

Filled out application- got a call asking me to select which company I want to work with.

hoping to speak to Sause soon :slight_smile:

any advice?

Sause it a pretty good outfit, you’ll probably interview with Jeff Hill and/or Doug Eberlein in Coos Bay, or perhaps with Brad Rimmel in Honolulu. I like Sause especially for the PMI cadets because they don’t carry ABs on their tugs and as a result their Mates do all the deck work. In my opinion the best way to become a good tugboat Mate is to first be a great tugboat deckhand, and with Sause you don’t have any choice, it’s built in. Wherever you go though, be ready to get dirty, greasy, grimy, sleepy, grumpy, tired, and homesick. It’s just part of the job. But for myself and many others here, it is our passion and it doesn’t make sense to me to do anything but what your heart calls you to do. So I hope it goes well for you!