Pacific Adventure fire

Pacific Adventure fire breaks out with passengers evacuated on P&O Cruises Australia off NSW coast | Daily Mail Online

Article says it appears fire contained to one room. Looks like systems worked as designed. High pressure water mist systems (HI-FOG seems to be the major brand on cruise ships) really work well.

Bed set alight by a cigarette ??

Yes falling asleep while smoking a cigarette in bed has caused lots of fires, both afloat and ashore, over the years.
But isn’t it compulsory to have flame retardant bed linen on cruise ships today??

PS> Filthy habit that. (VBRgds from reformed heavy smoker that quite 30 years ago)

Yes back in the day it was a fairly common cause of fires, but I thought smoking was banned on most cruise ships. (ex smoker too)

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Wrong thread I think.

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You’re correct. Deleted and reposted in the correct thread. Thanks.

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P&O’s Australia-based cruises have a sad history of misadventure over the years. This may well be totally without merit, in which case I beg their pardon, but the litany of incidents points to a sloppy operation.