OSV reuse better than scrapping?

From this:

To this:

“STEYER”, ex. “PACIFIC SERVER” in Ålesund this afternoon:

Photos: Sven Arild Pedersen

The DON ANDRES I moored at Bonaire as seen from HAL’s ROTTERDAM
Photo: Rob de Leeuw ©

Looks busy at Green Yard Kleven today:

Half of these vessels are for conversion and reuse the other half for green recycling.
(No newbuilding at the moment)

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Old GoM-type OSVs reused as crabbers;

Photos: Frederik Hansen via NSF

Not only OSVs but also seismic vessels find a new purpose as crabbers
Seabird’s Munin Explorer:

Became crabber Munin:

Photos: Kvalnes via NDSF

One more Offshore vessel to be converted to Naval use:

The NORMAND JARL renamed ADV GUIDANCE under conversion in Singapore:

Photos : Piet Sinke www.maasmondmaritime.com (c)

Innovative reuse of an OSV:

Cant imagine that folks plunking down $100,000 for a ticket to “space” will consider spending the first few hours of their trip on a nearly 30 year old oil field boat as “luxurious”

Sounds like someone will be able to pick this thing up for cheap once the space travel company goes bankrupt.

Not only OSVs need to be converted for reuse:

A new use for old and obsolete OSVs?:

Seismic vessel get a new leas of life as a naval vessel:

Photo of Perseus arriving at Salamis Naval Base Greece on September 1, 2023. Photo by Hellenic Navy.

Source: New additions to the Hellenic Navy - Naval News

Germany’s Bundeswehr recently bought an AHTS that was originally called the Highland Endurance (when it belonged to Gulfmark Offshore).

To be used as a salvage tug by the German armed forces. Good use of an old AHTS.

RFA PROTEUS (K 60) Multi-Role Ocean Surveillance vessel leaving Liverpool for the first time after refit - September 16, 2023.
Photo @Streetgang42 via Warship Cam / Twitter

The new Multi-Role Ocean Support ship RFA Proteus K60 is the former MV Topaz Tangaroa:

Hasn’t been used as an OSV for some time, so this may be called “reuse of a reused OSV”:

The buyer:

Another PSV gets a new role to play:

This time to be converted by VARD to become a cable layer for International Telecom Marine (IT):

  • Two of the Steamship Authority’s new vessels in dry dock this month.

The newly-named M/V Barnstable, the latest addition to the Steamship Authority’s freight-boat fleet.

An old PSV is now touted as a “State of the art” MPSV:

I’m curious.

Is Atlantic Oceanic a Norwegian group using Norwegian money that has wrapped itself up in the American Flag and an American corporate structure?

I don’t know that, or have any good reason to believe it, but somehow I just suspect it.