Tankerman PIC and OSV's

Does having a Tankerman PIC make you more marketable to the OSV companies? Do they need/use PICs for anything?

Hornbeck’s MPSV 370’ have 4 COIs and can be used as DL and chem tankers.

But overall no.

No use for them. You can’t even get your Tankerman on an OSV even though a large part of what we do is chemical transfers of some type.

We already have tankermen. They’re called engineers.
Sorry dude.

It’s a world away from deep sea shipping on a tanker. Boat handling and DP, that what will get you a J O B

I realize it’s a whole different world - I was just curious. We did a slop transfer to an OSV once and it was an…interesting…evolution from a tanker standpoint.