OSG and Bouchard

So we just had a management meeting here at OSG and headquarters is considering purchasing some of Bouchard’s boats and barges Not sure how many but they are looking at all boats and barges that are less than 5 years old. But the death that Bouchard has that won’t bail them out apparently stone fuel just filed papers to put liens on 3 of Bouchard boats because of none payment . So to all mariners still with Bouchard get out as fast as possible.


Thanks for the info, shipmate

A lien is a lien is a lien, but a maritime lien is not.”
[Gilmore and Black, The Law of Admiralty, 589, 2nd ed. 1975]

It is not necessary to claim a lien on a vessel in order to have that lien. Unlike other liens, a maritime lien can be “secret” and does not need to be recorded. So the crew may have a valid lien (of highest priority) even if they have not recorded a claim of the lien.


This is an update worth reading. Thank you.