Ons 2016

The ONS 2016 is on in Stavanger, Norway. Even with the downturn on the Oil & Gas Industry there are a lot of exhibitors, speakers and visitors from around the world: http://www.ons.no/2016/

One of the main events are the award of the ONS Innovation Awards, which this year went to Island Offshore for their development of riser-less CT drilling: http://www.ons.no/2016/news/winners-ons-innovation-awards-techinvent-and-island-offshorecentria/

As you probably know Island Offshore is partners with ECO. Is there a possibility that this technology will be deployed in the deepwater GoM sometime in the foreseeable future?

Here is an article in Norwegian with more details: http://www.smp.no/pluss/2016/08/31/Tek-nye-steg-med-nyskaping-som-kan-spare-store-summar-13262176.ece
Unfortunately Google Translate has a bit of problems, but you may get the more important parts.

The conditions should be right and opportunities abound to use this method there. US companies are known to be looking for anything that can save time and money. Here is such an invention.