Onboard illnesses & prevention

So one of my crew was kind enough to bring an illness onboard with symptoms of fever, sore (razor blades) throat, splitting sinus headache, & body aches. Thanks. Anyway, I am makin a VERY honest attempt to not spread it to anyone else, I am washing my hands profusely several times a day, using lots of lysol & hand sanitizer, using 1 or 2 capfulls of bleach in the dishwater, being VERY careful of where & in which direction I cough or sneeze. There is most likely scant chance of success as these types of illnesses are very contagious & easily spread. I was wondering if anyone else had any other useful tips for staving off these germs in close quarters aboard ship?

A trip ( at least) supply of MucinexD. At least to alleve the symptoms.

This crud had been going around for the last 2 months or so.

The problem I have is they won’t let you buy enough of the GOOD stuff for more than a 2 week supply. CVS are hard to come by past the seabuoy

It’s real important to keep up your own body’s immune system. The best way we have found is 1oz. of “Apple Cider Vinegar” every day.
If you can’t stand it straight you can water it down ( your still getting the same amount in your system) This will also stop acid reflux !!!

Thats a great tip, thanks!

Have a deckhand wipe down door knobs and interior railings with a sanitizer like the Clorox wipes at the beginning of the watch. I wipe down keyboards and mice, radio mikes, house phone, etc.

Stay super hydrated, get as much rest as possible, even before you get sick. Try to be conscious of touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands. An innocent swipe will give you the bug. I pound the vitamin c and zinc lozenges at the first sign of a sore throat which is a cold for me. If it is a sudden onset of aches, pains, and fever I start a Px course of tamiflu. Expensive but worth every penny. I was once the only guy out of almost 20 that did not get a serious flu onboard because of tamiflu.

+1 on pounding the vitamin C