Old School Blue Blockers TIP to Help Sleep

I recently met a doctor who specializes in sleep disorders and I told him how it was difficult getting back to sleep if the watch officer wakes me up at night.

He suggested I get a pair of old school blue blocker sunglasses!

According to him it’s the blue frequencies of light that block the body’s ability to produce melatonin so the easiest solution is to keep a pair of blue blocking sunglasses next to the nightstand and to put them on before turning on a light or looking at your alarm clock.

He also suggested that you put them on an hour before going to sleep. It makes the TV look kinda weird but you get use to it and IT MAKES A HUGE difference. I’m usually dead tired within 20 minutes of putting the glasses on.

Added bonus, blue light is also responsible for ruining your night vision so the blue blockers preserve this too which is a major help so if you are called up to the bridge, you won’t be blind when you arrive.

[QUOTE=cmjeff;115328]It makes the TV look kinda weird .[/QUOTE]

Hey Jeff, are you sure that’s not the mirror you’re looking at? :slight_smile:

I remember those infomercials. They used to have some guy rapping on the streets in SoCal.

You can also buy sheets of blue blocking film for your iPad and computer screens. I’ve used them on the bridge before to preserve my night vision. Here’s the link: https://www.lowbluelights.com/products.asp