Info on night vision screens

[B][I]Hello all,was browsing awhile back and came up on a discussion about different night vision screens an which ones were the best too use.was going to save it but something came up.been trying to find it,but no luck.the boat im working on is finialy getting captain voyager,I perfer a chart plotter myself,but dontt own it,just captain any info on this would be greatly the way,very helpful forum.Thanks[/I][/B]

Madd Sailor,

I recall reading something similar a while back, Workboat I think?, they said that tests concluded that green was actually better for your night vision than red.
Hope that helps, sorry I can’t be more precise, “Jack of all trades, master of none!”

Depending on the system you are using there used to be a screen darkening program that worked well with Nobeltec. Since it basically worked in the windows system it did not affect the Navigation software. I personally prefer a darkened piece of plexiglass and some velcro to attach it with. That way I can use the dusk or twilight setting and the computers dimmer to get as low as possible then supplement it with the plexiglass. It can be removed instantly and does not hid items on the chart display as the red or greens do.

Window tinting film works great too. Just be sure to get the kind that does NOT have adhesive. You can use it in the same manner that tb146 describes, it is cheaper and not as bulky. It works well on Radar screens too.

[B][I]Thanks for all the replies,probaly go with the velcro and green tint screen.But the big question is where would you buy it?office depot,wally world?[/I][/B]

The supply vessel I work on has the Integrated Bridge System with Radar, ECDIS, Conning and everything else on about 19 touchscreens (large and small, fwd and aft stations). I have to say, although nice and pretty, it is a real pain at night. LCD screens are backlit and, unlike the old CRT type, when dimmed they still produce too much light. On CRTs, where there was black on the screen, there was no light. On the LCDs there is still light produced behind the black. You have to dim them down to the point where they become unusable in order to see on a dark night. Personally, I turn the screen all the way down, except for the radars which are dimmed as low as possible, and routinely turn them up for info and situational awareness.

[B][I]just came back from walmart,didnt have the green or the red film.had plenty of greys and black.found this in the auto part of assume this film would work.just want to cut it down to size and use a little velcro,to flip back and forth when the needs maybe ill check the local auto parts store to see if they have any green or red film.anyone every use this type of film?and if so,does it work good for not killing you night vison?[/I][/B]

We had the same problem after we requested an LCD on the bridge to show the DP screen and CCTV’s. They sent us a Wal-Mart special which couldn’t be read during the day (glare). At night it worked ok but if you wanted to change the brightness you had to press menu on the remote at which point a big white screen pop-ed up and blinded you.

I sent it back with a note “we need a screen with a bightness dimer (must be A KNOB) and glare filter”. They sent out a top of the line Sony LCD wich had a great picture but the same danm white menu and glare problem.

Turn out that a few companies make just what I needed but they cost big money.

See the following link to Hatteland Display. Their monitors excel in daytime or nightime viewing. Our vessels are fitted with these monitors for the displaying of radar, chartplotter, ECDIS, automation, CCTV, DP systems and more. This line of maritime monitors are the absolute best for the ability to control brightness in darkened bridge conditions and do a comendable job in bright daytime conditions as well.

[B][I]thanks again for all the replies,I`ll figure something out.[/I][/B]