Night Duty Preparation Glasses

As night time captain on a passenger ferry I spend a lot of time right before departure in bright light. This causes difficulty seeing properly in darkness for the first 20 minutes or so after getting underway. I would appreciate suggestions on glasses that can be worn prior to departure. I think something like “red adaptor” goggles is the best choice but I can’t look like the Terminator in front of passengers.


Have a deckhand meet you on on the dock with a blindfold and lead you to the bridge… lolz

Just a joke but I feel your pain the adjustment can be hazardous sometimes.

You might want to try sunglasses like these. Better then nothing. They are pretty dense, and because they’re made for motorcycle use, they tend to cover the whole eye socket, not letting much light (or bugs) in. I use them on boats because they are pretty sturdy.

Thanks for the ideas. I have tried wearing dark glasses but it still comes off as unsettling to passengers. If I find a good solution I’ll share the results.

Change your persona to match the dark glasses.

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Now that’s a good idea. Perhaps some black leather and Hans Solo boots.

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Not sure why this dropped into my head…



I would propose:
Heavy golden necklace and wristwatch, a huge cigar and a colorful Hawaiian shirt (concealing the guns).

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Found these. Authentic German U-Boat Night Adaptation Goggles. Now, just need to find something a little more fashionable.