Old Salt Blog - 42,000 US Coast Guard Personnel Working Without Pay During Shutdown

42,000 US Coast Guard Personnel Working Without Pay During Shutdown

Approximately 42,000 active-duty military members of the Coast Guard remain on duty during the partial government shutdown that began Saturday, but they will work without pay until further notice, according to a statement from a Coast Guard spokeswoman.

The Coast Guard is the only part of the military under the Department of Homeland Security, rather than the Department of Defense which continues to be funded during the shutdown.



From Roll Call - Coast Guard Will Not Get Final 2018 Paychecks

The partial government shutdown will likely cause U.S. Coast Guard uniformed personnel to miss their paychecks that otherwise would have gone out Monday, according to Coast Guard spokesman Chad Saylor.

Roughly 42,000 servicemembers, who are typically paid on the first and 15th of each month, will not receive their next paycheck — which would have gone out on Monday, Dec. 31 given the New Year’s Day holiday — due to the ongoing stalemate between Congress and the White House over southern border barriers

Ok, This has been fixed - CG has always been a can-do organization:

Coast Guard begins reselling seized cocaine amid government shutdown from DuffleBlog

SAN DIEGO — With the Coast Guard being the only branch of the military whose members may go without during the current government shutdown, the service has decided to resell the nearly $1 billion dollars worth of cocaine seized in the past six months to supplement pay for the 42,000 men and women on active duty.

Found at Old Salt Blog: The Coast Guard, Drug Busts, and the Wall

They should get a lot more with the US Navy’s “catch and release” program:

But it looks like they might not need to become drug dealers:

I’m sitting at home because my agency is shut down (most of you know who I work for)
Once again we are fuc’d. Was supposed to sail this month. Now we have no idea. I have important stuff coming this year, one of my kids is getting married etc and I have to schedule everything around what this crazy man does and says, which is impossible.

I hope those of you who voted for this guy are happy. I tuned in to the Cabinet meeting today. He sounded like a raving lunatic- he even endorsed the 79 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. He was all over the place. Totally disjointed thinking. Hasn’t anyone here had enough of the lies and gaslighting? I know I am.

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I have. And I sure wish the Democrats would have worked with him instead of holding out to show that they have bigger balls

Nancy needs to compromise. Trump is ready; he’s been ready for 12 days. That’s how the legislative process is suppose to work. There is no way either side can accept a total defeat, and completely knuckle under. that’s not reasonable. It’s not going to happen.

The shutdown will continue until Nancy becomes reasonable, probably shortly after she is elected Speaker. The shutdown is happening because Nancy cannot chance alienating the new left wing Democrats until after she is elected Speaker. That’s not Trump’s fault.

They just need to split the difference at about $3 Billion and get the government open again. Otherwise it may be shutdown for several months.

President is a very high pressure job that really ages everyone who does it. On top of that, Trump and his entire family have been under constant attack and investigation for two years. That would degrade anyone’s job performance. I worry that Trump, and the entire government, may crack under the strain. The government has been dysfunctional for a long time, and all the hyperpartisianship has made it worse. It has the potential to really spin out of control. It’s long past time for everyone to back away from the edge of the cliff.


Isn’t Mexico supposed to be paying for the wall? If he wants a wall, fine, but my tax dollars aren’t paying for it. If private funding can be used for infrastructure projects across the country as he suggests, then surely it can be used for a border wall.

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Health care for illegal aliens costs us taxpayers $18 billion a year.

What’s the cost of welfare benefits received by illegals?

I don’t think anyone really knows how much it costs local taxpayers to provide a free public education to millions of illegal aliens, but its certainly a big number.

What is the cost of crime committed by illegal aliens? Unpaid child support? Car accidents by illegal aliens with no insurance? Drugs?

What about all those poor minimum wage Americans that have to compete for jobs against illegal aliens? Thevillegals work for much less than minimum wage and the illegals are much better workers.

It’s fundamental that an effective man made or natural barrier of some sort is necessary so that not just anyone and everyone can walk in.


She is willing to compromise. He isn’t. Now he’s painted himself into a corner.

Do you understand that he turned down 25 billion last year, because he reneged on a decision to sign off on DACA?

He could have had his wall.

I honestly don’t care about Trump’s stress level. He wanted the job, and he got it. He needs to learn to deal with it just like all of his predecessors. I wonder if you worried this much about Obama.

If he cares about border security as much as he says he does, he will restore pay to the border patrol. They are currently part of the cohort that is working without pay.

I don’t know why people think he’s such a great negotiator. He’s frankly bad at it. From 25 billion down to what, Pence said they’d take 2.5? Sheesh.

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“Mexico will pay for the wall”

One of my big disappointments with Trump is that he has failed to implement users fees to help pay for effective border security, which must include a physical barrier.

First of all, why should Mexico pay for 100 percent of a wall? It shouldn’t. It would be reasonable for Mexico to pay for half of a wall That’s easy to do with user fees for every person, vehicle, and container that crosses the border. Maybe $10 per person, $25 per car, $100 per truck or container. That would eventually pay off a bond issue for a “wall.” A 10 percent tax on remittances by illegals sending money back to Mexico would also raise a lot of money for border security.

Actually, the double row fence that Congress authorized in 2006 has worked pretty well where it has been built. Bush started it and Obama continued building it, but Congress failed to provide enough funding to build enough of it.

Congress and two previous Presidents wanted a physical barrier on the border. The people now opposing Trump so strenuously all voted for it 2006.


A politician named Chamberlain tried that in 1938. Be careful what you agree to.

That is a really unfair and completely inappropriate comparison. It’s not something that any American should say about any President.

Glib comparisons to Hitler are way overdone. They diminish the mass genocide of many millions of people.

History is replete with examples of what happens to society when citizens keep quiet. Patriotism is not silence in the face of tyrants and amoral antisocial narcissists with nearly unlimited power.


Getting back to the topic at hand… I hope this shit show is over soon and you can get back to work. And the NMC can get back to processing applications and the USCG can get back to running the RECs, and everyone can get back to normal without the morons in the government ruining their lives for a little dog and pony show.

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The citizenry spoke up loud and clear when Trump was elected…his main themes during the campaign were MAGA and build that wall…he wasn’t shy about it…he didn’t hide it…and he was elected on it. He should tell them there are 2 options: $5B for the wall or a bill with enough votes to override my veto…PERIOD. Anything else and you’re wasting your/my/everyone’s time.

The other thing is that there should be a one item budget bill for the wall. $5B for the wall…yes or no. That way everyone can see EXACTLY where their elected representive(s) stand on this issue. Then, citizens can be heard once again in 2020.

his power has very clearly defined limits (which it should). If it didn’t, we’d be pouring concrete in Arizona right now.

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In hindsight Chamberlain gave vital time to the British defence industry to increase production of aircraft that blunted the German air assault.