Oil just dropped below $42

Oil just dropped below $42 as the amount storage increased more than expected. The price of gasoline at the pump has been dropping about one cent per day.

Is there a question or you just trying to piss us off?

No question and not trying piss anyone off.

On other threads there has been recent talk, and posting of various articles, about how the oil market has supposedly bottomed out and the oil companies are about to start hiring and drilling again.

I just mentionined the fact that the market is now pricing oil lower at about $42. What is the market telling us with $42? I wish I knew.

I’m glad someone started a new thread on this subject. The “knocking on doors” thread needs to die.

If I had to guess the end of 2017 it will get better buy who really knows.

Please, only good news or lies. . . .

This is oil related.

image is broken can you link to it on the web please?

AHTS Master - LOL yes its oil related. Your funny / the thread comedian.