Oicew class question

Man. I am so glad I got my license a couple years ago and I have an employer who paid for what I needed to stay current and upgrade.

You could have just posted the answer yourself, so I have to assume you wanted the added credibility and gravitas that comes when I answer a question. And since I can also keep beating the dead horse, you asked “How many classes are required to get OICEW Motor?” And I said “8” so I did answer your question. Perhaps you meant to ask “what are the classes…?” But you already knew that… If they were “doing the research in the future” [comment on relativity and/or “flux capacitors” withheld] well I gave them t he link. If that isn’t enough it doesn’t speak well of the quality of the “research.”

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I was asking Superintendent how many classes from his school are required to gain the OICEW endorsement. I asked this specifically worded question because it may be possible that his institution offers combined classes that satisfy multiple requirements of the “8” you listed.

This is an issue as well.

I have been to multiple schools where they basically hold your hand through the courses to ensure you pass the exam. Not able to swim or terrified of the water in a Water Survival Course? No problem, you will still get the certificate at the end of the course as long as you at least show up each morning and paid for the course… Good to go. Lets not even get started on the schools that teach 100 ton Courses. Not bashing 100 ton guys, many of them know their material and are proficient. The schools themselves though will ensure you pass by almost any means necessary.

The worst part about this is that these individuals who cannot swim, have no clue, can’t operate safety equipment, etc. end up on the vessel and in an emergency situation they become a liability and hinderance to the remainder of the crew who must now pick up their shortcomings to fulfill what is needed in the moment. This could be disastrous or at the least, uncomfortable.

Then to top it all off, you pay crazy amounts of money for it.

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Yeah, I’ve seen that happen first hand.

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Was this at KP :slight_smile: ?

I’m in the group that has to take the classes to get my oicew. Shipboard terminology seems like the biggest waste of time and money I’ve ever heard of. I’ll give some classes the benefit of the doubt. But shipboard terminology should be on the QMED test not a license test.

I’m spending about $5000 a year of my own money on courses. I would not mind if there was a return on this investment, but there isn’t.

My wages and number of days working have gone down since these courses came along.

I am also sick of paying taxes to support publicly funded schools that overcharge for these courses. Most other mariners in the world are not paying these high prices.

As a publicly funded community college, San Jac should not be charging these ridiculous prices. The Louisiana community colleges are much cheaper than San Jac. San Jac is rip off. They’ll never see a dime of my money.

The USCG needs to start accepting foreign courses. The US schools need some competition.

I’d much rather take higher quality courses at one quarter of the cost in the Phillipines or Thailand.

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Good luck with that. USCG will much rather approve laughable shitty private schools in US, that give out certs left and right, than accept documents from incomparably higher quality training establishments in Europe (for example).

I like the high cost. It does filter out at least some level of useless filth.

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Eventually, it’s going to be all academy grads.

Some companies like Chouest will get government grants to run their own schools to train their own employees.

The mom and pop companies are being driven out of business or gobbled up by the big companies.

The top 25 companies are going to end up controlling 75 percent of the jobs. Get ready for more ridiculous company physicals and more age discrimination.


I’m in the group that has to take the classes to get my oicew. Shipboard terminology seems like the biggest waste of time and money I’ve ever heard of. I’ll give some classes the benefit of the doubt. But shipboard terminology should be on the QMED test not a license test.

In all actuality, it is a USCG muck up. The Shipboard Terminology (actually Engineering Terminology) is only supported in STCW Table A-II/2. Look it up and see the Tasks from NVIC 10-14 Tasks 10.xx, especially the last which is Terminology, all the others are generally operations of remote systems.

Just a thought…

The NMC is approving courses to include satisfying the terminology course so one does not necessarily need to take a stand alone terminology course (do any exist?). For example, Mid-Atlantic Maritime has an Electrical Machinery and Basic Electronics course (required for OICEW) that kills two birds with one stone plus has QMED and sea service credit as well. Find it bundled with another required course. Saves a little.

From the NMC web site of course approvals:
A mariner who successfully completes your Electrical Machinery and Basic
Electronics (MIDATL-861) course will satisfy:
The Electrical Machinery and Basic Electronics training requirements of 46 CFR 11.329(a)(4)(x) towards an OICEW endorsement; AND
The Engineering Terminology and Shipboard Operations training requirements of 46 CFR 11.329(a)(4)(V) towards an OICEW endorsement; AND
The examination requirements of 46 CFR 12.505© for the Electrician portion of the combined QMED Electrician/Refrigerating Engineer, if presented within one year of the completion of training;
The equivalents to the following specific TASKs from the OICEW NVIC 17-14:
6.1.A; 6.1.B; 6.1.D; 6.1.E; 6.2.A; 7.1.A; 7.2.A; 7.2.B; 7.3.A; and 7.4.A;
Sea service credit for 30 days towards the sea service requirements of 46 CFR 11.516(1) for third assistant engineer or 46 CFR 12.505(a) for QMED.

Applicants are not required to present the completed record of assessment sheets when applying for the STCW endorsement.

So just to be clear: if a qualified assessor signs off on all the tasks in the NVIC 17-14… would a person would NOT have to take the additional classes (electronics, aux. Gen, shipboard terminology, ect.)?

I’m sitting for DDE unlimited and 3rd assistant in a month or so. Looking at the courses, the time, and money, I don’t believe I’ll do full STCW or OICEW . It’s roughly $22,000 with all the classes. 4 classes are about a month each. You can double up day and night at one school but only 2 times per year when scheduled. I’ve worked as sole chief for about 10 years and mate or master for about 18 . I’m 47 and if I was going to do more commercial, they’d find some whack doctor to say I have a health issue that I don’t. IF I was young, I would still hawsepipe vs academy because you get some actual valuable experience in the 3 years and say 30k in classes is much cheaper than the academy. I’m not talking unlimited tonnage though. I work below 1600.

Wrong. Everyone needs all of the courses and all of the assessments.

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All the classes need to be taken along with getting the assessments signed off, I think the assessments only way finished January 2017. Most of the assessments are covered during the classes, but not all. I’ve taken 3 out of 4 classes at Mid-Atlantic Maritime. I’d recommend them if you’re going to do it.

Correct. That was grandfathering that exppired on January 1,2017. And even then, it was only available if you had at least one day of the quyalifying sea time fbefore March 24, 2014. If you started your sea time after March 24, 2014, assessments only was available.

No. Still need the listed courss.

So I originally started doing the OICEW assessments right after they came out back in 2014, thinking I wouldn’t have to do the classes as well. I had the Chief sign them off. Then, I found out I would have to complete the courses too. I put everything on hold for a few years after getting laid off and until I found a company that would pay for the courses.

This year I will finish up the last course I need to do (Instrumentation), and send in the certificates as well as my assessments for things not covered in the courses.

My question is will I have an issue with the Assessments being signed off by a Chief Engineer from all the way back in 2014???

He wasn’t a QA at the time and still isn’t as far as I know, which shouldn’t matter because of the QA extension until June 2022.

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As long as he was qualified to sign the assessments under the rules in place at the time he signed them that’s all that matters.

I’m not sure but I think that as long as they’re the new assessments it doesn’t matter how long ago they were signed.

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