Offshore wind news

New type of pile anchor for the renewable energy sector (Floating wind, wave & tide power)

The first unit was deployed off Portugal last week:

The vessel used for the installation was the Subsea Support Vessel “Maersk Achiever”:

PS> Maybe a training center for the marine side could be established as well?

Ørsted pull out of new projects off Taiwan:

Everybody wants to get in on the offshore wind bonanza:

Incl. Big Oil:

A story about an Onshore wind park this time:

Offshore the problem is opposite; fish find sanctuary within the restricted zone of offshore wind parks where the juvenile fish can grow big, before venturing out in the dangerous world beyond.
The fishermen complain about the restrictions imposed on them, until they realize that their catches goes up in the areas where they can catch fish.

Is wind is the new oil?? Everybody that was heavily involved in the oil & gas industry in some form appears to think so:

Explain that to the Brits and now Greeks and soon to be the EU.
The energy pricing is a scam

Electricity also going up in Norway right?

That is easy:

  • Wind drive turbines (when it blows)
  • Turbines produce electric power.
  • Wind is free
    Therefore the cost of producing wind energy is zero.
    That doesn’t change because of Russian invasion of Ukraine, or anything else.

To manufacture, install, maintain and operate the wind parks are not free, however.
Neither is the distribution network that bring the energy to the consumers.

In the EU the cost of electricity to consumer is linked to gas prices, regardless of how it is produced. Therefore; high price for gas = high electricity price. (Now being corrected)

That depends on where in Norway you are. Norway has 5 different price zones for electricity:

Zone 1 & 2 are connected via underseas cables to the European and UK power grids, thus affected by prices in EU/UK. That they had a dry summer, thus low filling levels in the storage magazines also affect the prices there. (Rain now is bringing the price down)

Zones 3 & 4 is NOT on the EU grid and thus only affected by wind, rain, snowfall in the mountains during the winter and glacial melting in the summer.

Here in Mid-Norway (Zone 3) we had a period with strong wind and heavy rain recently, thus the spot price for electricity even fell below Zero for a brief periode.
Average today: 22.27 øre/kWh (NOK 0.223/kWh)
Average tomorrow: 23.43 øre/kWh (NOK 0.234/kWh

A bit surprised that you are posting a video from DiEM25.
Not the type of organization I associate with you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Might seem a bit left for me but I cant help liking Yanis, he talks a lot of sense.
He does attack the scam that the EU is for the population.
That started when he was the Finance Minister and saw what the EU did to Greece.

Clearly explained that the cost of wind and solar power is all based on fossil fuel power cost.
Hence the profit is totally reliant on their being fossil fuel power in your power supply mix for many people.

Yanis is a regular contributor to and card carrying member of DiEM25, which is trying btom “save” EU by steering it in a more left leaning direction.

No, the pricing system for electricity to consumers in the EU is presently based on the price of natural gas, whether piped from Russia or Norway, or imported as LNG from USA and other sources. It is called “market price” and has NOTHING to do with the cost of producing, processing and transporting the gas to Europe.

PS> You conveniently “forgot” this bit; “Now being corrected”

Well Greece is in the EU isnt it?
The auction that sets the price is based in the Netherlands…
Sure, not widespread yet…they will be getting it soon…

Yes Greece is a member of EU, that is why they got bailed out by other EU members when they mismanaged their economy so badly that they were technically bankrupt.
Not sure if they are on the EU power grid though.(??)

Here is how electricity price are set within the common EU power market:

good question if Greece has access to any EU power, perhaps thats why teh gov has its own pricing scheme?

Apparently Greece is on the European grid (ENTSO-E Transmission System):

They are also aiming to contribute their part to secure power safety and cheap African renewable power for Europe:

But are getting EU funding to secure their own power safety and security:

The restricted zone around Offshore Wind Parks/Farms can be used for more than allowing juvenile fish to grow peacefully.
Here is an article from a year ago describing one possible opportunity:

Anybody know what is the status on this project??

A video explaining how it is envisaged to work:

A long and detailed study into shellfish farming in the restricted zone around OWFs in Dutch sector:

Construction Starts on Japan’s First Floating Wind Farm:

The first of the eight SPAR-type floating foundations has been loaded onto the semi-submersible spud barge, Float Raiser, at Fukue Port and transported to the wind farm site offshore Kabashima where the unit is undergoing installation.
The Goto wind farm will feature eight Hitachi 2.1 MW wind turbines installed on hybrid SPAR-type, three-point mooring floating foundations. The Goto Floating Wind Farm LLC expects to fully commission the wind farm in January 2024.