Offshore wind news

Not necessarily:

In deep near-coastal waters, or far out at sea.
Out of sight and out of mind. No NIMBY problems.
But you still have to contend with the “against everything” guys and girls.
The fishermen will complain though. (You steal our best fishing grounds)

Working together across all disciplines and on all markets is the way to succeed in the worldwide and fast growing Offshore Wind Industry.

GE Grid Solution is part of GE Renewable Energy:

To get around Jones Act restrictions, DEME have to add a transport barge to the mix to execute this contract. In the rest of the world the WTIV load the components at a nearby staging port, transport them to first site, jack up out of the water, perform the lifting and installation and move on to next site. Repeat until all turbines are in place. Fast, efficient and safe operation:

Lots of jobs coming. That bit about prioritising recruitment is interesting.

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ECO gets busy in the OWF business:

As reported earlier:

Canadians join forces with Aussies to get into the worldwide OWF business:

Harnessing the Mistral?: