Offshore Wind Farms


Here is a presentation of the brand new Cable Layer NKT Victoria:
This is the competition you are up against for upcoming work in the burgeoning Offshore Wind Power industry in the US.


You have probably heard that wind farms are bad for marine life and for fishermen?
Here is an article with a different finding:


Offshore wind to outgrow Oil & Gas:


Hi people, I am currently writing a dissertation on the Access Interface for Offshore Wind Farms. As part of it I am conducting the following questionnaire.

If you have experience in working in the Offshore Wind Sector, please can you help me by completing it. It is a short survey, only 10 questions. Should not take more than a few mins. Thanks in advance.


Statoil open the first floating wind farm off Scotland today:

They are ready to offer this technology to places like Hawaii, California and others with narrow OCS.


Movement in Legislation & Technology

And now growth predictions:

Now Jones Act surfaces…


Statoil’s “New Energy SolutionS” division is aiming at markets far from the North Sea and Europe for their HyWind technology, with west coast of USA, Hawaii, Caribbean, Brazil and Japan as the main target areas:

California and Hawaii are VERY interested, despite (maybe because of??) resistance from the Trump administration.


Statoil has named it’s Wind Farm project off New York:


Looks to be in between two traffic lanes.


The Big Apple going big on Wind…


So is North Carolina. Avangrid Renewables has a lease with BOEM on a 122,405 acre site 60 miles offshore of Kitty Hawk.


Offshore wind is coming to the US, no matter any resistance from certain quarters:

Are the US Maritime industry ready to take advantage of the coming boom?
Even more to the point; are the US Mariners ready for it?


I don’t see why not. The real question is, will the Navy’s navigation skills be enough to avoid smacking into the towers…


They’ll just order them to get out of the way.


A competing design to Statoil’s already deployed floating wind mills:

Coming to a coast near you??


One step forward, one back…


A long and detailed look at the Offshore Wind Industry in USA:



In twenty years the “Al Gores” will be yakking how it harms the environment.

Then they will put current generators underneath and that will effect oceanic circulation.

Fish farms crap in the sea and affect the environment.

And we will still be sucking oil out the ground.


Statoil is aiming for California, Hawaii and Japan with their floating windmills: