Offshore Oil & Gas news

The first 8th generation drillship, Deepsea Atlas, has started operation in the GoM:

Meanwhile the second of the class, Deepsea Titan, has been out on sea trials and are being readied for delivery by Sembcorp Marine in Singapore.

Ex Dual 54. (I have done many rig moves on this one, both as MWS and Rig mover)

Offshore market outlook:

Liquila JV is paying around $200m for the seventh-generation dual-activity drillship:

One more available if you are interested.

An effect of COP 27?:




Cheap sale??:
The Milan-headquartered firm is paying $230m in cash for the seventh-generation floater

Purchase of “stranded” drillships are paying off for the Swiss-based offshore driller Transocean:

A horrific incident happened on a jack-up in Qatar waters.

Offshore drilling market is booming again:

And this time please “don’t piss it all away”.

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Some oldies are still active while much new Offshore Drilling Rigs sits idle, or are already on the beach in South Asia and Turkey:

Shelf Drilling keeps on picking up new contracts for their oldie jackups:

They have recently picked up contract extensions for several other of the rigs they “inherited” from Transocean back in 2012:

Some are betting on a bright and long future for offshore oil and gas.

Conrad confirms new license acquisition offshore Indonesia

Magseis under new management has picked up more work in the US GoM:

The Swedes are coming to a gulf near you:

More work for the good ol’ boys from the Bayous??

More details from Østensjø Rederi:
-We are proud to announce this addition to our fleet and to bring Edda Fortis into operation. Edda Fortis complements our fleet and strengthens our flotel segment. We look forward to continuing offering high-quality flotel services to our clients, says CEO of Østensjø Rederi Kristian Helland Vea.

Edda Fortis is a state-of-the-art purpose-built mono-hull flotel, designed for high-quality flotel services. The vessel has an advanced telescopic motion-compensated gangway system that provides safe and easy access to and from offshore installations. Edda Fortis can comfortably accommodate 800 people in a “home away from home” and is designed for reliable and flexible operations.

Good times are here again: