Offshore Crisis, the 2020.... version

Every sentence that begins “The UN…” I generally ignore. The UN are an evil corrupt political organization masquerading as our friends. They are generally hopeless at predictions because rvery prediction supports their agenda, support China and communism at every opportunity and want us to live in a world reminiscent of the 1500’s. I think their blueprint is “Animal Farm” and no prizes for guessing who will be the pigs.

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The US was the instigator to the creation of the UN and has hosted the HQ ever since.
UN has been seen as “controlled by the US” by the rest of the world until recently. This obviously had to do with the fact that US was (and is) the biggest contributor to the UN budget owing to it being the biggest single economy in the world.

But the fact that the US used it’s veto in the Security Council frequently may also have been part of the reason for the perception.
That and bribing or bullying smaller countries to “toe the US line” .

Don’t worry, no “black UN helicopters” are coming to get you anytime soon. The UN doesn’t have an Army, Navy or Air Force and the helicopters they charter, mostly from Ukraine, are painted white. They are used to ferry humanitarian UN personnel around in so called “Sh*thole countries”, not for military purposes.

the USA had to create the UN as the rest or the world kept and still does create wars between themselves and yet they do that knowing they will buy the arms from the USA.
( they are laughing at many of those despots)

And many of the Despots are laughing back. (They are not the only ones that laugh of US under the present administration though)

BTW; Trump like to hobnob with despots. He MAY even plot to become one himself.

New Zealand: They have one of the oldest petroleum industries in the world. I went there as an offshore worker. If they banned petroleum, are they also going to ban airplanes? I think airplanes are important to a them, despite their love of flightless birds.

Iceland: Doesn’t have any exportable energy, and they take care of most of what they need with geothermal resources, anyway… so that’s like banning Chicago style pizza in New York. (I don’t know why they even call it pizza: its clearly a nasty casserole.)

Ireland: just closed Kinsale because it has been produced… so that’s like banning passenger pigeon pie.

maybe but the USA is on the receiving end of the money

And tragically on the receiving end of weapons they sell, as well. Its shocking when you try to trace back the causes for the causes of even one American soldier’s death. The MIC makes oil extraction look like crowning glory of economic morality.

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yes, can you imagine how the world would look if the major economies had their own oil and the middle east had none going back 50 years?

No, but I’m sure you will tell us it would be a peaceful utopia of nothing but rich and happy people, at least in “western countries”.

PS> Australia and New Zealand are incl., although they are in the Far East. (Far South East to be precise)

We have a left of centre government at present under the mixed member parliamentary system. This is the system in Germany and it means it is unlikely that any one party can govern alone. The present government is composed of 3 parties, the slightly left of centre majority Labour Party, New Zealand First, a party that doesn’t know where it is and the Green Party. It was the Green Party who made it a condition on joining the coalition to pull the plug on the oil industry and overnight a lot of people lost their jobs.
There were two big earners in Taranaki, where the oil industry was based, Black and White up until when I retired. The area has tremendously fertile soil and high rainfall and the Dairy Industry was flat out exporting to China and other countries. Then there was the oil industry paying good wages. The dairy industry went through a rough patch but is now emerging and the oil industry has all but gone.
We have elections in just under 6 weeks.

Bug, Powerabouts hypothetical question deserves pondering. What if the middle east didn’t have oil?Just to throw my 2 cents in, the fight over oil would shift to the continents/countries that do have oil. Weapons sales would be the same, just different customers and sellers. Am sure USA would get a piece of that regardless. We have some decent shit that’s always on sale.

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The tribal chiefs would still be living in tents instead of palaces built with the finest marble from Italy and riding camels instead of riding in the back of chauffeur driven gold plated Rolls Royces or wrecking Lamborghinis as if they were disposable go karts.


Been waiting on a chuckle all day. Thx Lee_Shore. That’s a good one. Now I can go cut my lawn before this friggin rain shows up again.

that was assuming the USA had its own supply so didnt need to go anywhere for oil

Looks like Seadrill has a few dollars in the bank after all:

Saipem issued early termination for Solstad*s CSV Nordman Maximus:

But Solstad will still have one of the most sophisticated CSVs on the market. Only question is, are there any takers??

DOF Subsea gets a contract for Skandi Seven in Angola:

Harvey Gulf is finding new ways of employing it’s PSVs to beat the offshore crisis: