Deep sea mining

Is deep sea mining the future for the Marine offshore industry?:

PS> Together with bottom supported and floating Offshore wind farms of course(??)

Not everybody agrees that deep sea mining is a good thing;

She is still in Kristiansand:

the accommodation rig COSRIVAL being towed away by the KAMARINA, ERACLE, BB SUPPORTER and the FFS ATHOS. In the background are seen Allseas HIDDEN GEM and the SKANDI VITORIA moored, all in beautiful Kristiansand. Photo : Michael – Master Hidden Gem (c)

why this is not being pursued by more drilling companies is a complete mystery to me? the world needs the minerals found in abundance on the seafloor in the CCZ for the future transition to battery powered vehicles and many ships are sitting. Allseas (who is not a drilling company btw) seems to be the only big offshore player to be doing anything!

and just because the US has not ratified the UNCLOS treaty is a red herring. most the largest drillers are incorporated in places like Zug, Switzerland so they can make deals with the nations that have the concessions to the minerals

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Not only Allseas. Many are interested in the riches that can be had in the deep seas:

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Mining the deep ocean floor for valuable metals is both inevitable and vital, according to the scientists, engineers and industrialists exploring the world’s newest mining frontier. But the critics say exotic and little-known ecosystems in the deep oceans could be destroyed and must be protected.

The Normand Energy:

It looks like they were able to reconnect and recover their mining robot.


picking up another Russian sub?