Official Logbook

This question was posed to me and I don’t have a clue about the answer.

“How long do our boat companies have to retain their master log books?”

This would be for inland towboats. Essentially this company has old logbooks piling up and want to know after what time period they can get rid of them. I realize these can be stored digitally, which this company is looking to do going forward, but does anyone know the answer and where to find this info, thanks. This particular vessel is under 100 GRT but some company vessels are over 100 GRT if that makes a difference.

We keep our logbooks onboard for 2 years. The carbon copies get sent to the office periodically with the ship’s mail, but after 2 years we destroy the old logbooks.

I don’t believe you mean “Official Logbook,” as that is for foreign voyages and is the property of the USCG.

Thanks for the response.

Towing vessels need to keep it for 1 year from the date of the last entry.

46 CFR § 140.910 Towing vessel record or record specified by TSMS.

(a) This section applies to a towing vessel other than a vessel operating only in a limited geographic area or a vessel required by § 140.905 to maintain an official logbook.

(b) A towing vessel subject to this section must maintain a TVR or in accordance with the TSMS applicable to the towing vessel.

© The TVR must include a chronological record of events as required by this subchapter. The TVR may be electronic or paper.

(d) Except as required by §§ 140.900 and 140.905, records do not need to be filed with the Coast Guard, but must be kept available for review by the Coast Guard upon request. Records, unless required to be maintained for a longer period by statute or other federal regulation, must be retained for at least 1 year after the date of the latest entry.