Oct 12-nov 4 i will be going to take my 100ton master/200 ton mate

Hello everyone my name is Edward .i have been a commercial fisherman going on 15 years Ive worked on small shrimp boats and large shrimp boats.I’m going to be going to fetcher marine school on the 12 of October 2011 to get my 100 ton master 200 ton mate.Its a good ways away and i all ready have butterfly’s in my stomach i went ahead and ordered captain Joe’s study CD is there any thing else i should be studying to help me out. I’m not that fast of a learner so any help i get will be great.

Just try to relax man, you’ll do fine. Wouldn’t hurt to start reviewing the rules of the road concerning fog signals, day shapes, and lights. Gets confusing at times, but nothing you can’t memorize. You’ll do fine.

I agree with Swampfox, try to get ROR memorized, it will help make the other parts a little easier. I think Gale teaches the 100 ton course, very good instructor. Good Luck!!

thank you guys very much

i just received my captain joe’s deck and modu license program it is very helpful

i just finished up my last day of testing for my 100 ton master at Fletcher’s marine school in Houma Louisiana captain Gary was a great teacher.The captain Joes deck lic program disk was a great help i also bought the rule master pro 4 CD was a great help also.i have two more days of prep work then i test out for my 200 ton mate.

Congrats. Welcome to the club.

thank you.I just finished up my last class today i learned so much theses last few weeks Fletchers was a great school cant wait to go back for my 500/1500 up grade

Congrats! I remember the feeling very well when I passed my first test! Job well done!

Thank You Captain Brian

I just received my 100 ton master 200 ton mate license in the mail from the u.s.c.g.Ionly ran shrimp boats and small vessels I would like to get a started in the oil field on a supply boat as a mate but don’t no where to start to look I live in south Louisiana can anyone help me with a few contacts I would apresheat it.

Drive down Hwy 1, 308, and the four lane. Knock on doors with your bags packed, refuse to leave until you have a job offer.

Is that going to get me a job are jail time

Looks like you where right about HWY 1 talked to nicky today at ESO looks like all be hiring in next week

Congrat’s, I know how it feels to make that trip!

Thankyou sir