Ocean Phoenix

Does anyone know if the Ocean Pheonix has air conditioning in the state rooms? Asking for a friend.

That’s the one that was finished after AHL went under correct? Maybe 10 years old? I would have to assume it would just based on age but have never been on it.

Ha ha, you won’t need no stinkin’ ac where that thing works.

But yes, it does, or at least it did when I was on it.

It’s leaving Dutch for the scrappers. There was a job posting on the board the other day, so AC may come in handy when it goes through the canal.

Sort of sorry to hear that. I always wondered how long the old girl would last. I’ve got lots of good memories of that ship. Looking back it is one of those glad I did it glad I never had to do it again (after doing it a few times) things.

It was one of the best engineering training ships on the planet.


I sailed on her, wasn’t a bad ship all in all, the old man was a douche but the black gang was great

Built in 1964 at NASSCO as the break bulk Oregon Mail for American Mail Lines. Spent time with APL as the President Kennedy and President Wilson before being converted as a fish factory and becoming the Ocean Phoenix in 1989.

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That’s American Phoenix.

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I assumed the OP was related to this:

NWS Anchorage

UPDATE! At 5pm this afternoon, # Anchorage International Airport offically hit 90 degrees for the first time on record. # AKwx # RecordHeat