Ocean Cleanup Vs Other Non Profits

So, they were able to cleanup 110 tons of garbage, within 1 year deployed.
Avg cost of OSV day rate: $10,000 per day (2 OSVs = $20,000) - doesn’t include Fuel, doesn’t take into account amount of plastic/debris captured vs emission of GHG for the two OSV’s)

I still think when you take an average of $7400 per kg of plastic/debris recovered. That money could be used for so many other cleanup groups and volunteer groups, such as Eyesea and others.

I suspect a 30 yr old modified shrimp boat designed to skim off the surface could bring in that much plastic every week right off the coast of South Korea. Why waste so much efforts picking up plastics already disintegrated by the sea when we have so much solids in the pipeline to replace it?

Maybe off the mouth of Mississippi.

Not the newest of news, but it tell you something about the size of this project, or at least the nets in use:
The world's largest cleanup | Maritimt Magasin.

Because most fish don’t eat plastic bottles but they do eat plastic fragments and they may end up on your dinner table, or at McDonald’s as “Filet of Fish”.