O week

Hey guys I just had a quick question… I called the school and asked if you are in victor company do you have to participate in “O-week” I got a yes and a no… Wondering if anyone could help me out here???

The answer is both yes and no. You “participate” in the fact that you show up, get some required paperwork done, and learn some basic things about the program. What you don’t do is all that regimental stuff the other companies will be doing. The same thing applies throughout each semester. Victor Co. goes to less formations, no march ins, no mandatory study hours, no CQ, get to live off campus, etc etc. V co is the place to be. Fake marriage license can get you there too.

How much of this stuff do I actually have to order in Victor Company?

I mean its talking about towels and Toiletries I’m guessing that doesn’t apply to V Company.

From the checklist, you don’t need any of the stuff on the bottom if Vco under “supplies to bring to O-week” as you won’t be staying each night. What you WILL need from that list is black steel toe boots (for weekly maintenance and cruises). Get some nice redwings or something that will last you a long time. I still wear mine from years ago, though very beat up.

You will need just about everything else from above the supplies list, and definitely need to get the passport, twic, an mmc and medical stuff done.

Feel free to PM me for any questions.

Does anyone one the exact schedule during oweek? I have a part time job already but I don’t know what times I can expect to be out of there by.

Hello does anyone know the schedule for oweek? I already have a part time job and do not know what time I can except to be getting out of school this week.

I start O-week today… Can’t believe this day is finally here…

Start classes today!!! And it’s raining… Just great

[QUOTE=d-rod2214;168023]Start classes today!!! And it’s raining… Just great[/QUOTE]

Why, are the classes outside?

No but I have to wear my uniform that I just got in the rain now…

Go ahead and get the uniform trench coat. You’ll get plenty of wear out of it over the next four years.

Wet khakis always smell like wet dog, you’ll get used to it.