Starting Texas A&M Maritime Academy this year

Hey guys, I’m starting at TAMUG maritime later this summer and wanted to see if anyone else on here is currently going or has attended. Besides that, I’m 18, about to graduate in a week and will be heading down to Texas for the summer bridge program, then going to school for the degree/license. Any advice??<br><br>Thanks!<br>-james

Hey James, thanks for writing and good luck in starting you’re maritime career! <br><br>Can you share with us what the “summer bridge program” is?

Thanks John,<br><br>The summer bridge program isn’t anything maritime related. It’s for getting an english and math credit out of the way.<br><br>

<P>Hey i am a junior at TAMUG in the TExas Maritime Academy. I am actually on my junior cruise in peurto rico sailing with horizon lines. Are you planning on going deck or engine? Both are very good choices. Are you planning on taking a duel degree? I’d like to say that I started out 18 and going to TAMUG what I think is that if you arnt used to being away from home that glaveston is a great school to go to because its kind of small and not such a shock I guess. But being in the corps, whats good is that you will always have your buddies or at least someone to talk too. I did not attend bridge program but Ive heard that it is good to attend well if you need it because youll already know alot of people in your freshmen class. So, to talk about indoc which is oweek i guess it is called for your first week or so it is hard if you have never done anything like ROTC. but youll realize that if you can jsut get through that and your freshmen year that it is not hard to be in the corps at TAMUG. By the way where are you from? ARe you from Texas it doesnt sound like it?</P>
<P>Okay so if you have an qestions or anything im kelly ill be the CL on the corps side of the 2nd floor(the girls side) youll know what I mean. so yeha have fun and good luck.</P>
<P>And the bridege program is for students who do not get accepted right away into TAMUG and they are basically given a trial run the summer before the fall starts if you pass bridge you are fully admitted in to the school.</P>
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Do they teach grammar and spelling at TAMUG?

Thanks for the info Kelly and yes I am from Texas, I’ve just moved around as a military kid all my life :)<br><br>And yeah, capt. Lee, I had to read through that a few times. haha

Capt… Lee, i seriously couldnt stop laughing about the grammar and spelling comment… hilarious! <br>I Graduated from TMA in May of 08 and i loved every minute of it! I now hold a third mate license and not even one week after graduating i had a job. Texas Maritime is a great place and they offer endless amounts of hands on training. <br><br>My advice to TMA cadets… Take advantage of christmas shipping. yea it sucks that you arent able to be at home for the holidays but the experience is a necessity.