NYT article on mariner shortage

This article is nonsense. Centerlines New York harbor SIU members got screwed 3 years ago and had there wages put back to what they were making in 2017 and still are today claiming they were broke. Then getting all the bouchard units as nonunion and currently hiring guys at 12% higher wage and put them on union inland boats making the wages inland should be. Not to mention the offshore tankerman are severely underpaid. Should print this article out and leave in the head to wipe with

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Theyre bullshit artists id say 80% salary 20% management

Is Centerline NY still union?

Haha! You said it, Utopian I guess.

Ive been out of the tugboat game for 5 years now. I work for a red painted NYC based company and a small mom & pop company. Neither were too interested in comforts.

I thought the big oil transport companies like Reinauer, Kirby, and Moran ATBs were fairly comfortable to be on, but I have no first hand knowledge.

Some boats are, some aren’t.

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New york inland is

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Haha! Wrong!!!