NVIC 3-18 task question

Anyone familair with NVIC 3-18 Task 15.5.A ? Concerning international health regulations?

Thats the only assessment I’ll have left to complete but im having hard time finding info to learn from. Do i simply need to read through 82 pages of International Health Regulations 2005? Ive breezed through it not thoroughly though as im not sure thats where I’ll find the info needed. I didnt notice things like process for requesting free pratique. Ive also searched online and found the Maritime Deceleration of Health but not really info to accompany it.

Any help appreciated.

Start by reading the assessment. It tells you what you need to have knowledge of. How you get that knowledge is up to you.

Thank you. Figured had to come from specific resources so this helps.

Not really, but it seems fairly self explanatory.