NVIC 04-08 and 46 CFR 10.303

Has anyone had any experience with medical waivers? I’m curious about the processing time, headaches, and restrictions they may give you. I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth doing now, later, or never for certain prescription that’s outlined in NVIC 04-08. I, like a good boy, claimed it as a prescription on my last vessel and now I have to do a return to work song and dance. It’s entirely a quality of life pill for shift work disorder and I could do without it if I just go work for another company that has their shit together. Boat hopping every 8 days or so with a 24 hour watch and opposite sleep schedules is pretty insane and I’ve been doing it for over a year now. I really just need the sea time from a few more hitches before all my hair falls out.

NVIC 4-08 is no longer valid. It’s been replaced by the Merchant Mariner Medical Manual.


Thanks. It’s hard to get the up to date info from google alone these days.