NVIC 04-08 - Results of a USCG Medical Incident Investigation - Andy Hammond

The man we all know and love, former Boston REC Chief Andy Hammond, weighs in on NVIC 04-08 over at MAREX.
he latest issue of Professional Mariner features an article about the death of CAPT Robert G. Cordes. On the other hand, I have the unique position of being the person who last issued CAPT Cordes his Coast Guard license and worked with him as the Executive Director of the Boston Harbor Pilot Association for a few months before his untimely death. I have read both the Coast Guard’s report and the article in PM with interest and of course there is always “the rest of the story”.

First of all, no one from the Investigations Branch at Sector Boston came and interviewed me or any of the other nine pilots regarding the status of CAPT Cordes or to discuss any issues regarding the accident that killed him. If for no other reason than to attempt to determine if anything was going on that MAY have contributed to this casualty or to discuss the issues regarding how a Pilot normally boards a vessel at this facility. I found this approach to be a very curious one. The CG report mentions quickly that CAPT Cordes had asked for a gangway, which was refused by the facility and the ship.

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