Not much more fun that some unsubstantiated idle speculation

so the rest of the crew is Indian and the dead master Iranian? What possibly could have happened out there?

[B]Cargo Ship Sinks off Oman, Captain Found Dead[/B]

By MarEx June 24, 2013

An Iranian ship captain has died after his cargo ship sank last week near an Omani port.

Nine other Indian crewmen were rescued on Wednesday by the Omani Coast Guard and naval ships. The captain’s body was discovered the next day.

According to local news reports, the vessel sank about 1.4 nautical miles from the Sultan Qaboos Port. The NISAR R3 was reportedly carrying a cargo of 816 tonnes of bitumen - a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum.

A control tower received a distress report from the ship; water was flowing onboard, and the ship lacked the equipment to drain water. Two tugboats arrived on scene, only after the ship was completely submerged.

Rescue vessels were able to recover some of the bitumen, which had spread to the nearby shores.

The surviving crewmen were transported to a police hospital for medical treatment.

A “police hospital” eh! I wonder how Iranians and Indians get along? I wonder if the crew is talking at all or if everybody has an amazing case of collective amnesia over the events leading to the sinking?

Makes one think…no?

So the Captain went down with the ship, so we know he wasn’t Italian.

[QUOTE=skycowboy;113327]So the Captain went down with the ship, so we know he wasn’t Italian.[/QUOTE]

how the hell do you “go down with the ship” when it is only 1.4mi offshore? Me shmells a stinky here and it ain’t the bitumen!