Iran's largest navy ship the Kharg sank on Wednesday


That’s a replenishment oiler.

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"IRIS Kharg

Looks a trifle suspicious for such a large and well-manned vessel to sink overnight as a result of fire, especially in the gulf in light of recent clandestine anti-shipping military operations.


From the Wiki article:

“The Iranian government initially denied responsibility for the airplane’s destruction, but investigation by Western intelligence agencies and the general public revealed that the aircraft was shot down by two surface-to-air missiles. On 11 January, the Iranian government admitted that the military had indeed shot down the airliner, having mistaken it for a cruise missil.”

A person doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to handle a rocket propelled grenade or surface-to-air missile. US Navy personnel do stupid things all the time that can sink their ships, Iranians too apparently?

You are not suggesting that…(??).
No you wouldn’t, would you??

BBC World News report:

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From the BBC article you linked, supposedly Irans official statements:

“The statement reported by Tasnim News Agency said the vessel had left for a “training mission” in international waters days ago. Iranian state TV ran footage of the ship ablaze.”

“The official Iran news agency said the vessel had provided support to the Iranian navy’s training operations for more than four decades.”

When people start “training” with small arms & things that go boom it’s best to get far, far away… People are dumb.

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They had been at it for a LONG time without having fire or sinking. Not sure if “training” on Naval Support Vessels necessarily involves firearms.(??)
Even if it did it is highly unlikely they where shooting at anything in the engine room.

The ship is over 40 years old (built in the UK 1977) so it is maybe more likely that it was a technical problem of some sort. (Not unusual, even on newer ships of any type and nationality)

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Iranians did not cause the fire in the latest major casualty in the USA fleet on the west coast. Nor did we in this one, bad shit happens with a small fire at sea. Any fire at sea is bad news.


A statement on another forum:

PS> Not fact checked.

Refinery is on fire out side Tehran as well.

Iranian Quds Force announces newest submarine launched. The largest in the world now in sea trials.

It looks similar to the old USNS Sirius, Saturn, and Spica ships. Which were also British built.

The largest what in the world?

they left Iraq for Iran…


I saw something about it & limpet mines. Not at all sure how accurate that is. I was struck by the irony of Iran losing a ship to mines.

What kind of crazy people would detonate a limpet inside the engine room of their own ship??

Or are you suggesting that somebody else put limpet mines on the hull of the ship while it was moving about on a training exercise??

Besides, who would possibly do such a thing??

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didnt they do a similar thing a while back and sunk a small gunboat?

Who are they?