Small Panamanian flagged tanker vanished off of the coast of Iran

A small tanker disappeared a couple of days ago. Speculation is either the MT Riah turned off her AIS to avoid problems with the US’s stance on trading with Iran or more than likely the vessel was “arrested” by the Iranian navy.

Russia times could have picked a better photo.

This has become so prevalent across the internet media that it has to be intentional. It’s done to fool the reader into believing that the story is more spectacular than what it is in reality.
It’s an old sales tool: “sell the sizzle, not the steak.”

“Never attribute to malevolence what can easily be explained by incompetence.” – I forget who.

Not that RT don’t have an ax to grind, but I think this is just basic lack of maritime knowledge ashore. They asked their stock photo agency for a picture of a tanker and by golly that’s a tanker.

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There is plenty of incompetence and sloppy work in today’s media so you may well be right in this instance but I could provide many examples to back up my claim that some “news” outlets do it on purpose. It would take effort and veer us farther off topic so I’ll refrain.


Agree there’s plenty of malevolence out there.

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