Not a Spy Balloon

An Alaskan fishing boat picked up a “It’s not a spy balloon” spy balloon

Alaskan Fishing boat picked up balloon that is definitely not a spy balloon but the FBI would like to see it

Weather balloons are launched three times a day from all over the country. Shoot, Cal Maritime had a weather balloon club, whatever that means. Everybody’s spooked, but the call is coming from inside the house if we’re worried about spies.

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I had a small one land in my yard on acreage in North Florida. The FBI wasn’t interested. As I recall, it was pretty evident that it was a weather balloon.


I wonder if anybody has seen an offical report confirming that the “Chinese Spyballon” that was shot down and recovered in Febr. 2023 was actually a “spy balloon”, not a wayward “weather balloon”, as claimed by China?

Since it has been a year that should be ample time to determin if anything was carried that could ONLY be intended for intelilgens gathering and not expected to be found on a weather balloon.

As the US is using high altitude balloons for both weather data and intelligence gathring themselves it should be easy to determin what is what.