Norwegian Navy


Where do you go “somewhere else” from Norway?
Oh yea, to Sweden, Finland or Russia. But,aren’t there easier routes to get there?

Why do Norway need fighter jets? To help USA fight the wars they keep on getting into.
Otherwise, mainly as “Toys for Boys”, like most military equipment in peaceful Europe.

Hope you enjoy your windfall from the sale of military equipment to Saudi Arabia, where most those who attacked you and their leader, came from.


Looks like Trump may have found a new reason to keep the US war in Afghanistan going:

Whether the American troops stay or go, the Afghans will still fight each others, as they have always done. Until a foreign enemy appears on the scene, then they will unite against the common enemy and send them packing.

At least that is how it has been since Alexander the Great, but now it seams like the pattern is broken.


I don’t know, why did the Germans decide to occupy your country? You guys wanted to remain neutral, did everything you could to stay neutral…and yet, still, Germany went ahead and over ran/occupied you guys. I absolutely will enjoy my windfall - thanks!


What kind of fucked up logic is this? So because Norway is no longer raping and pillaging across Europe, we are no longer relevant on the World Stage?


Not unless you count German occupation being on the world stage.


You guys sit around, criticizing the rest of the wold, the US in particular, contributing nothing in terms of attempts at peace, in terms of help for other countries, in terms of any real contribution to things that would actually make a difference. All you offer is platitudes and snipes. We are still reaping the consequences of WWII and all you guys did was teach us how to ski. And sell missile guidance systems to Russia (still doing that). I’m just real glad your priorities are different then ours - to stay out of situations that effect the rest of the world. What a nice luxury - one we haven’t had since Pearl Harbor.


Your knowledge of history is deplorable, both on times long gone and on fairly recent events. like the last 100 years so.
Get off History Channel and read books. Preferably not propaganda written to keep Americans ignorant of the real world though.


The US would be much much better off to adopt and adhere to a neutrality policy. No more alliances or adversaries, but do business with everyone. This approach has worked very well for Switzerland.

If China wants to invade Taiwan — not our problem. If China wants to build islands and claim the entire South China Sea — not our problem. If North Korea wants to invade and reunify the Korean Pennisular — not our problem. If North Korea wants to nuke Japan — not our problem. If Russia wants to invade and retake all the former Soviet satellites — not our problem. If Russia wants to invade and take Norway’s oil — not our problem. If India and Pakistan want to nuke each other — not our problem. If Iran wants to nuke Israel — not our problem. If Iran wants to nuke Saudi Arabia — not our problem. If the Taliban wants to take over again in Afghanistan — not our problem. When renewed ethnic cleansing really takes off again in Europe (and it will) — not our problem. If African nations want to invade and enslave each other — not our problem. If the Islamists want to wipeout infidels — not our problem, as long as they stay out of North America. If Colombia wants to invade Venezuela and Panama — not our problem.

Given how ineffective the US, and “the New World Order” is at accomplishing or preventing anything, it really doesn’t make much difference to the outcome whether the US spends a lot of blood and treasure to maintain order in the world, or not.

If the US stopped trying to help all the ungrateful bastards in the world, and told them to figure it out for themselves, they would. It would get messy for awhile, but they would eventually sort it all out themselves.

If the US adopted the Swiss model of military neutrality, but do business with everyone, the US would be much better off.


Oh, My Dear, really - talk about a high school girl reaction. No one here wants war or walks around afraid of Russia or China, like you suspect. We all would love to be afforded the luxury of being irreverent like Norway. Keep trying to talk us in to believing Norway is the superior country of the entire planet. Again, highly entertaining.


Heard about the Oslo accords? Or the peace talks in Colombia? Or the peace talks in Sri Lanka? No? That’s because you are an ignorant fool.


Thank you for providing the real estate to facilitate those talks. No one really listened to you.


How do you think peace talks works?


You offer a neutral location, the big boys hash it out with out your input. Thanks!


Thank you for putting in to words so precisely what most of us feel. Seriously - why can’t we just do this?


And I’ll leave off with this - If we are such children, our government so wrecked, our country so doomed for failure and if Norway is the country that all of us should model after - why bother with the snipes, the quips, the pointing out of faults with no solutions? What’s the agenda here? What do you hope to accomplish? Would it satisfy you if we all threw up our hands and said, “you are right! Lets all move to Norway!” No, you are simply throwing darts out there for reaction, so don’t point fingers about immaturity on a mariner’s forum unless you look in the mirror. You offer only problems, no solutions. We try a little calm discourse and you notch it up a level. My agenda? Seriously - its fun to get you guys riled up. Easy too.


I for one am a big fan of norwegians. I love sig hansen and some of my favorite musicians have come from norway.


Oh wow! I could get in to that band! Dream Theater-ish with a Scandi flair!


Big DT fan here, been listening to them since the early 90s and seen them 6 times.
Some norwegian metal musicians are a bit more brutal though.

thread derailment complete :grinning:


hehehehe thanks for the videos and the derailment! Just saw DT in NYC (Radio City Music Hall) in 2016. They are just so good.


Not a bad idea, but the “1% of the 1%” wouldn’t like it. It is having foreign “enemies” to scare everybody with that keeps them in power and the money rolling in. It is the oldest trick in the book and have been used at least since the Roman times.

I don’t think the Swiss model would fit the US of today. Not least because of your present leadership.
It would involve neutrality in ALL world aspects, incl. world trade, but inability to dictate terms by threat of force. Since trade is a two way thing you would have to give and take to have a successful trade relation with other countries, or trading blocks.