Norwegian Navy


The Soviets won it last time and at this rate they’ll win it next time. Europe seems to ignore that inconvenient bit.


The only country to invoke article 5 is USA, Norway and other allies has used large sum of money killing cave dwellers in Afghanistan.
Your conclusions is that if you invoke it next time no one is going to to “defend” you? Maybe because Europe is the one receiving the refugees from the conflicts. Afghan refugees alone cost a hell of a lot money.

Have you looked at a map? Who the hell is going to attack you? Mexico?


How? How on earth is Russia going to win a conflict in Europe? By nuking us?


Serious question. How worried are Norwegians, generally, about potential conflict with Russia? While I feel it’s absurd, many here (USA) do not and I haven’t really brought it up with the Norwegians I encounter (not as many of you guys as there used to be in my neck of the woods).


Nobody thinks about Russia, and why should we? They are not insane, what have they to gain by attacking us? Russia is the largest country on earth, with large stocks of natural resources. That the country is a shit hole is by their own doing.

Russia is also a nuclear nation, if they want to end it all how are we going to stop it?


Your defeated tone about not being able to stop Russia says it all. ‘Why bother fighting if we’re gonna get whipped?’ I guess that’s a logical survival tactic. It worked with the Germans, no reason it won’t work when the Russians pass threw.


I’m not saying we are not going to defend ourselves, but the siege mentality that has afflicted a lot of Americans does not help anyone. Could you please explain the logic behind a military with a budget that matches the rest of the world? Are you going to fight all of us? Enemies and allies?


Nah we’ll just keep selling you guys over priced fighter jets while you guys pontificate on the superiority of your ship building.


We are on a maritime forum, would think ships and shipbuilding are the main point of discussion here.

Food for thought, if the F-35 is a over priced fighter jet and we are idiots for buying it. What does it make you, an American taxpayer?


A little bit richer.


I have my doubts about that.


I don’t think I’m alone here when I say I would LOVE to stick to ships and Maritime stuff and nautical things - but sheesh, you and your countrymen continue to take pot shots at my country so sometimes…well, its fun to kick a hornets nest with you folks.


If you say so!


Hehehehe, you think this is going to shut Ombugge up? He is going to infest this thread and make it his own.

If you feel offended on behalf of American shipbuilding, tough tittis.


And with that it’s time for ombugge to get out of his berth. It’s 5:48 am over there rise and shine sir.


I don’t think it’s defeatist in the least. It isimply reflects a different set of circumstances with a different set of priorities. Norway is a neighbor to Russia and they are involved in each other’s economies through trade and investment. Gasprom is invested in the Norwegian oil industry, the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund is invested in Russian Banks, Russian officers and rates crew Norwegian Vessels, and I could go on and on. Confrontation with Russia, or anyone for that matter, isn’t on their radar screen and Kraken’s reponse might reflect that (I’m sure their defense budget does) although I can’t speak for him.


Very typical. When you feel defeated just attack with insults more fitting on a forum for teenagers than on a forum for grown up Mariners.


You got shares in Lockheed Martin??

Otherwise you are just paying for a large number of those over priced jets that the US Air Force feel they need to protect you from any number of “enemies” of your own making. If you would stop calling Russia and China your “adversaries” and try to make them your friends, the world would be a much better place for all.

If there were no “enemies” there wouldn’t be any need for a large military and weapons industry, but of course that doesn’t have anything to do with it??

Free and fair competition on the world market and negotiations on any conflicting interest on all other fronts would save everybody a lot of monies that could be used to bring prosperity to all, rather than just for the weapon producers and Wall Street speculators. (Pipe dream, I know)

BTW; You cannot kill an ideology, or religious fanaticism, with fighter jets.


On the contrary! I’m hoping he continues his bloviating! Like I said - highly entertaining!


I actually do have shares in quite a few of our defense contractors. So yeah, a little bit richer. Ombugge, if Russia and China would stop acting like adversaries, well, we still would have to defend ourselves from somebody. Admittedly, Norway hasn’t been on the World Stage for, oh, maybe a thousand years unless it was to get steam rolled by someone else on their way to somewhere else. But you brought up the “over priced fighter jets” that we sell you. If you have no adversaries yourselves, why do you need them? Why be a part of NATO? And why aren’t you on your meds?