Norwegian Coast Guard

The Norwegian Coast Guard’s new vessel KV “Jan Mayen” has been on a test trip in Borgundfjorden.

KV Jan Mayen is being tested and prepared for operation. PHOTO: HANNA RELLING BERG,
From today:


Nice ship

K/V Jan Mayen is now in active service in waters off Northern Norway.
Seen here leaving Tromsø yesterday:

Photo: Asimut via NSF
PS> Wonder about why that Chinaman is peeping over the hill in the background?

The first of the Nordkapp Class has been decommissioned after 41 years of service:

KV “Andenes” on its way through Gimsøystraumen. Photo: Frode Adolfsen

KV Andenes has been on assignment for the Coast Guard for 41 years. The vessel is now being retired. New vessels in the Jan Mayen class now take over the role that the so-called Nordkapp class has had for over 40 years. At the same time that the Nordkapp class is now being phased out, the new vessels are being fully phased into the Coast Guard’s structure.

The first video of the Coast Guard’s new pride on a test cruise:

With new equipment on the way in, the Coast Guard is well prepared for new decades of service along the coast and in Norwegian sea areas, writes the Coast Guard in a press release.

KV Andenes’ last crew lined up with Bodø in the background. Photo: Coast Guard

KV Andenes was built at Haugesund Mekaniske Verksted and handed over to the Norwegian Navy in January 1982 and put into operation after its christening on 29 January of the same year.

The vessel is one of the vessels in the Norwegian Navy with the most missions outside the Norwegian economic zone. KV Andenes has, among other things, been to Antarctica and participated in the Gulf War.

KV Andenes will henceforth sail on the seven seas as a civilian ship
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