Norway is really awesome


No comments to this report either:


To something else that is really awesome:
Yesterday Longyearbyen (N 78 Degr.) was the warmest place in Norway at +4C. (That was about the same as in Madrid)

It is not unusual but appears to happen more often then before. Average temperature above 0C is likely to be the norm soon:

Here is the forecast for the nearest few days:


Remember the old saying: “Why do you rob banks?? Because that’s where the money is”?
Well, in Norway that is not the case anymore. The banks don’t have any cash. If you want cash you have to go to an ATM to get them.
Norway may be entirely cashless by 2030:

It is amazing how quickly you can get used to not having cash.
I have had the same two 10-kroner coins in my pocket for at least a couple of months and no bills in my valet for even longer. Until I actually needed to pay a street vendor in cash while in Oslo over the holidays and had to go looking for an ATM. (I now have 400 Kroner in cash, just in case)


Statoil reduce the emission from oil production in the Johan Sverdrup field to near zero:

That means more gas can be exported to other countries to be burnt there.
Still adding to the CO2 emission, but not in Norway.

That is a really smart move. No wonder that Norway is awesome.


Apparently you don’t have to go very far to find “Sh*itholes”:


America has a few shitholes. Do you notice what nearly all of them have in common?

However, El Salvador is 50% shithole and an order of magnitude worse. Haiti is 95% percent shithole and several orders of magnitude worse.


I believe he insulted a whole continent as well??

Where do you rate the various countries of Africa in % and magnitude of being sh*tholes?
BTW; Africa is NOT a country, but 54 different countries, with many very different cultures, dating back thousands of years.

There are also numerous different tribes, ethnic groups and native languages, as well as the different languages imposed by the white colonialist.

PS> There are 1.2 Bn. people living in Africa. That’s a lot of people to insult in one word.

Complex isn’t it? Don’t even try to explain it to your illustrious leader. It is much easier to just write it all off as “Sh*tholes”.


A lot of people likely would think the small mill town I grew up in central Maine was a shithole. Some of the kids I went to school with didn’t have running water or electricity. One of those kids is now a professor at at university.

The error is confusing the characteristics of the people with the place. Some of the mariners I’ve met seem like over-privileged entitled little no talent shits. But they grew up in good areas.


1.2 billion people
Thousand of years of civilization and culture
Colonized by the most technologically advanced people’s on the planet

And yet it’s still a shithole. No one can convince me that Zimbabwe is better off since Rhodesia/Ian Smith stopped being in control or further that South Africa is better off since apartheid.


Well the Zimbabweans and South Africans may not be any better off materialy than they were under Colonial rule, but at least they are ruled (badly or not) by their own people, in something resembling a democracy.

As an American you should appreciate that freedom from colonial rule, or are you too hung up in racial stereotyping and white supremacy thinking to see the point??


From Medium by Dave Pell:


You’re losing your shit. Chill before you have a heart attack.


I support self rule and non intervention, but I can also call a spade a spade.

If South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, et seq., feel better off with higher crime rates, a lower standard of living, lower life expectancies in the shadows of the ruins of the infrastructure built damn near for them (fun fact: largest hospital in the world is in ZA build by the Boer), more power to them. But we shouldn’t bring them to the west.


Shithole: an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place.

I use the word ‘shithole’ regularly, as in, “I’m not riding in that shithole car of yours. Let’s take my truck,” or, “Bro, clean up the kitchen and at least pick up the garbage. I’m sick of it looking like a shithole.” I’ve also said it as, “Fuck! Djibouti again? That place is a shithole.”

You know what’s fucked about the whole thing? Who gives a shit about what nouns our lawmakers use when in closed door negotiations. Talk should be honest, blunt and forthright. They shouldn’t have to tip-toe around with inoffensive politically correct safe words. We shouldn’t vote for or against a candidate based on if they can speak like a kindergarten teacher.

Lots of places are shitholes. Houses, towns, friend’s cars, countries. The only reason this is a big deal is because we live in a world of delicate snowflakes easily bruised by unpleasant words.


News has recently run videotape of previous immigration debates. Lindsey Graham made similar comments in the past, but used the word “hellhole” instead of “shithole.” Bill Clinton said the same things about immigration reform, but in more dignified language.

We have heard for 20 years how Canada has the best immigration system, based upon merit, even if it’s a bit too liberal. All the Democrats loved it. All the Republicans loved it. But none of them could get their heads together and get it done.

Now when Trump advocates adopting the same merit based immigration policy, like Canada, and most other countries, All the liberal media and the Democrats do is scream racism. Racism. Racism. Spineless Republicans run for cover. Congress gets nothing done. Suddenly, a merit based immigration system, like ?Canada’s, is bad idea, and now racism, just because Trump brought it up.

Now the Democrats of all people are threatening to Shut down the government? Over DACA? While DACA is an important issue, and something must be done, there is no urgency. Nor would anyone in their right mind consider DACA to be a top priority for Americans. Yet, the Democrats want to shut the government down over DACA?

The immigration issue , and with it the budget, is now dominated by only one thing. VOTES. The Democrats want more poor immigrants from anywhere because they mostly VOTE Democratic. The Republicans want fewer poor immigrants because they VOTE Democratic. Suddenly, immigration is important to politicians, but only because the balance of power is in play.

We are quite likely going into a major war in Korea, but Congress will not fund the budget?


There is such thing as a diplomatic language used between countries, or in official setting, but I’m sure the lawmakers is using some colourful language in private, or even in closed door sessions.

But the President is not a lawmaker and every word uttered (or tweeted) by him is considered as the official opinion of USA.

Both you and me use words that is less than diplomatic here on the forum, but it only hurts fainthearted “snowflake” and maybe even entertain others.

I have noticed though that anything perceived as negative to the American perception of the world,
or to Americans, meets with immediate rebuttal, while negative statements about the rest of the world and “forriners” are made freely and frequently without any merits, yet meets with approval and “likes”. Why???


Probably for the same reason the British are considered by some to be have a superior attitude, while the French are considered haughty. The Spanish long for an era 350 years ago as the Italians long for centuries ago. The Germans brought their longing to fruition in the 1920’s and 30’s but it didn’t end well for them. It is human nature I suppose to imagine things as they were not as they are. One does not like ones sense of superiority tampered with. Just to show you they are serious they’ll start a war with you…until they can’t afford it any more. See all the countries mentioned above for reference.


That is “furriners” to those of us beyond the borders of Trolhop.


Sorry, my American grammer is not up to speed.


Beats the Hell out of my Bokmål.

BTW, many of us speak Murcan.