Norway is really awesome


When you are starving in the street its quite a comfort to know you voted for the people that created that situation and world feels so much better about your situation with that look on their face of a job well done.
Dont forget africa is tribal so converting from white rule to a local tribe could well mean your sworn enemy is now in charge so life for you is going to get worse.
The war in Zim after Smith stepped down was between 2 tribes, one had control of army and airforce the other didnt.


Are you talking about the Zimbabweans or the Americans starving to death under bridges, while claiming to be Capitalists and hating Socialits (aka commies)??


He’s a Nynorsk man.


Nobody needs to starve in America . Only the people too proud or too crazy to avail themselves of the welfare system starve. The welfare system is far too generous.


Things must have improved since 2010:

I was actually referring to those too proud or too crazy to avail themselves of of the safety net, whether public or from charities.


You should know better than to believe what you read in American newspapers, especially that one. The Dept. of Agriculture (which is no longer necessary and should be shutdown) is just trying to justify more funding from Congress. Few people realize that the USDAs food stamp and surplus food programs are the biggest welfare programs. Corporate welfare for “farmers” and welfare for the poor.

Someone did a zip code analysis to see where the farm subsidy money was going. The the number one and two locations receiving farm subsidy checks were Beverly Hiils and Manhatten.


I agree, people need to chill, here’s some advice I found.

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia can also cause these behaviors. With dementia, it is important to remember that the patient doesn’t have full control over their words or actions. As a caregiver, the best thing you can do is not take it personally. Focus on the positive, ignore the negative and take a break from caregiving when you can by finding respite. Get some fresh air, do something you love or call a friend.


I’m afraid I don’t fit in any Norwegian language category very well. My Norwegian gets so mixed with English that some just reply me in English.

In the family we use English, but throw in some words in Norwegian, or Cantonese, or Malay/Indonesia, when they best cover what you want to express. As long as everybody know the same words it works find for use, but we may get some funny looks when overheard by others.

My wife do understand Norwegian, but prefer her mother (or rather Father) tongue of English. With those she know well the conversation goes in English on her side and Norwegian on the other side. Works fine, but others may wonder a bit. (???)

PS> Forgot to mention that we do use some Singlish at times as well.


It was a closed door meeting. Everyone expected a frank conversation and that any crude language would be kept confidential in any public discussion of the substance. Dick Durbin breached that trust and went public in a blatant effort to embarrass the President for purely political purposes.

Durbin ended up embarrassing himself and the USA. Durbin should never be trusted or allowed back into the Whitehouse again.


Any President in the USA should know that NOTHING is private, nor should it be. It is supposed to be the toughest and most public job in the world. If this present President doesn’t know or accept that he should resign.
Besides, using abusive language, even in private, is not necessary to get your point through.


It’s probably like saying things better off not being said in front of the charterer, don’t be surprised if it gets back to you.


You mean that Washington Post is some sort of tabloid ragg??
I was of the impression that it is one of the oldest, best and most reliable sources of news and informed opinions in the country. But then again, how should I know, being from a country that was once a sh*thole.

Can you please recommend some more appropriate sources of reliable information, in your opinion?
I hear Fox News, especially their morning program, “Fox & Friends”, is popular in certain circles.


Jeff Bezos, the Uber liberal, world’s richest man, Amazon billionaire, bought the Washington Post. It has always been liberal, but now it is rabidly anti-Trump.

One must be selective on Fox: Brett Bair, Charles Payne, Niel Cavuto, Juan Williams, and Stuart Varney are good. Same with the frequent guest commentators: John Bolton, Judge Napolitano, Col. Ralph Peters, etc. are good.

A lot of the people on Fox are either hyper partisan or just plain know nothings.

Bloomberg is good, but has a definite anti-Trump tilt. BBC, CBC, and Reuters have good US coverage.


I used to watch Fox News when in Singapore (mostly for comical relief) but here in Norway I don’t have it on the cable network. I found most of their programs, commentator and guests rather ill informed, partisan, or plain stupid.(with one or two exceptions) but you have to know “the enemies” and their opinions to be informed.

Yes, BBC is my favoured TV News source and on most of the day, but I also see Bloomberg (for oil price) and CNN International, (which is different from your domestic programming) for American news, Euronews and France 24 for a different take on European and world news, as well as Al Jazeera.

I look at CNA for Singapore and Asian news every day on my computer and of course NRK for Norwegian news and documentaries in the evenings.

I miss CCTV News and RT though.


Norway’s sovereign fund is doing their bit to ensure that companies looking for benign investors with deep pockets is staying on the straight and narrow:

The maritime aspects may be better explained here:


Your not going to get much news of substance from TV.
Radio generally has a much more measured discussion of the political world and magazines such as The Economist, The Wall Street Journal and quality broadsheet newspapers such as The Australian are better.
It is better to gain your own opinion by reading both sides.


Oh I do read too. I’m a subscriber to The Economist and ready extensively from other sources.

I’m absolutely in favour of hearing/reading both sides of any discussion, or of any news.

Now adays I read mostly on the internet, both political and maritime news, but not limited to.

I am what you may call a news addict, but with little interest in movies, which may be a disadvantage on this forum, since refr. to American movies are frequent.

I do like comedy shows, incl. the American Late Night shows and British satire.


Wilhelmsen is embracing digitalization and modernization in shipping to the fullest. Thomas Wilhelmsen, CEO of the family owned Wilhelmsen Group believe that those who do not will cease to exist:


Norwegian coal mining on Svalbard will be ended soon, which means shutting down the only coal fired power station in Norway.
New source of energy is needed to maintain viable settlements in Longyearbyen and Ny-Aalesund. Any proposal?

A HVDC cable from the mainland to Svalbard is not feasible according to the Norwegian Government:


They could always import North Korean coal via Russia.