Norway is really awesome

Perhaps KC can explain what, if any, appeal this stuff has.

I know that Sweden place has to be real because that’s where we get our fancy imported fish from when we want to show off.


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Swedish people all have blond hair, do not work because they are socialists, wear wooden shoes when they go to buy their pickled fish by the fjord. They are mostly from Finland except the ones from the Neverlands. Right?


My house is on the top of a ridge so when I come hiking home the last twenty minutes is up a fairly steep hill. We had a couple of house guests from New York one time staying with us. One hot afternoon after getting home I was all hot and thirsty. I opened the fridge to have a nice cold refreshing Moxie and one of our guest who was standing in the kitchen said; “Oh, you had some bad orange soda in there so I dumped it out”.

Never heard of the drink Moxie, so I looked it up.
I can see why it is/was limited in geographical scope:

PS> I had heard of this one:

But I don’t think there is any relation.(??)

The only Swedish Fish I knew of was “Surstrømming”:

That sound like a fair description of Swedes.

Are you insinuating that the Swedes are not as smart or as hardworking as Danes or Norwegians or whatever the hell it is you call yourself? Isn’t that social profiling?

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That is not an insinuation, I only deal in facts.

So you admit that you are racist?

THAT is an insinuation, not based on facts!!

It’s based on what you said:

Swedish is a Nationality, not a race.
PS> In today’s Sweden there are many different races though. Maybe things will improve over time.

I’m sure they will as soon as they overcome their inbred inferiority and adopt your Viking warrior stance. You’re not discriminating against an inferior race, but against an inferior nationality. I gotcha bro, hell yeah!

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Practice, practice, practice. That’s the only way to get good at anything. He’s one of the best.

Summer has finally arrived in Aalesund, with temperature around a whopping 20C in the afternoon.
The snow on the mountains around is melting with the “heat”, increasing the risk of avalanches and flooding rivers:

Now (2200 hrs) it is getting a little cooler (12C) .as the sun is about to set.
Have a good night and Pentecost Weekend.

Sweden is more beautiful than Norway; current temperature in Stockholm is 12 C with 69% humidity. Wind is from the NW at 5 km/h.

No danger of excessive temperatures due to hot air emanating from bloviating Norwegian ex-mariners

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I was talking to a young lady in Stockholm and she explained that they had studded bicycle tires for the winter. My cycling days are many years behind me but even in my prime I don’t think cycling in winter in Sweden would be high on my todo lists.

You want to know how awesome Norway is? Watch “The Norsemen” on Netflix.

(That’s OK, I’ll see myself out :slight_smile: :-))



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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Is it me or have they toned it down some since fifty years ago?