Norway is really awesome

My ‘go to’ defense: nobody’s perfect…

Happy Norway Day to all!! I hope all your Norway Day dreams come true.

BTW, proof that Norway really is awesome.

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Thanks for all nice well wishes (and some mot so nice)
Somehow Norwegians and Norwegian disendedc migrant around the world has manage to find a way to celebrate the National Day, despite the corona pandemic.
Unfortunately the traditional 17.mai celebration in Seattle and many other places with large Norwegian presents in USA has had to cancel this years arrangements:

But not everywhere. In Washington DC resident Norwegian arranged a car parade to the Ambassador’s resident (where the celebration is traditionally held) Keeping appropriate social distance, but still managing to make it a memorable day for the many participants.

I just hope you manage to hold your National Day on 4.July w/o too much problems because of recurring Covid-19 outbreak.


The OP was by Hawespiper, not HawsePiper, nor Hawsepiper.
…wesp… instead of …wsep…

Good catch. And a good time to invoke the ‘nobody’s perfect’ defense.

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17 mai did almost pass in an alcoholic blur like all years on shore, but this year we had to keep 1 meter distance, so it was somewhat muted.

But it was fun. Shit is going back to normal slowly.

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Today it’s “Norwegian hang-over Day”. (For some)


In less things have changed you had to be seriously wealthy to afford a hangover in Norway. Unless of course, you knew a chief engineer who had ready access to copper tubing. Norwegian ships used to order a fair bit more than other flags.

I don’t think making your own booze was very common on Norwegian ships, at least when I sailed on them. (1960s) since you could buy the real thing reasonably cheap from the sloop chest.

The only time I can remember of “on board production” was on “Laybarge 200” of McDermott in the early 1980s, where we found a stiil and some ready “product” in the Mechanic*s work shop.
No wonder, since the crew worked 56 days on/28 days off on a “dry ship” and all offshore.

I think the copper tube was carefully bent around the inner perimeter of the homeward bound suitcase for use at home and as you say they stuck to the real stuff at sea.
In my experience the Norwegians got a buzz on with not a lot. Down here we would call them "two can screamers ".

Used to find many Swedes and Norwegians lying on the beach at daybreak in Las Palmas. Like beached seals sleeping off affordable Spanish booze.

And the color of cooked lobsters.

Yes that is possible. In some parts of Norway moonshining was a national sport, although technically illegal.
I sailed with one fellow that, unlike most of us that went to sea at 15, had started his seagoing career at over 40. He came from one of the aforementioned parts of Norway.
He exchanged a bottle of Black Label for a (larger) bottle of moonshine somewhere on the gulf coast of USA
As to the Norwegians tolerance for alcohol, I thought that would be much the same as anybody else of the same size (??)
PS> I remember a Kiwi rig crew that on Crew change sported a tee-shirt with the proud announcement:
“Instant obnoxious Kiwi. Just add Alcohol”

Memory of a different 17.May:

Incl. the weather.

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Midnight is here. Good night:

Same view, about same time. End of another fine day in Aalesund:

Good night.

I can’t remember if Sweden is part of Norway the other way round or if they are both parts of Denmark but in any case here is this:


Obviously some sort of American joke (??)
(I don’t think it make much sense to anybody else)

I had to look up “Must” since I had never heard of it:

Sounds VERY unhealthy!!!

I much prefer the other Swedish (and Norwegian) alternative “Gløgg”:

The fact is that Norway was ruled by Denmark for 400 years.
In 1814 Norway was “given” to Sweden as a gift for being on the right side in the Napoleonic Wars (Denmark was on the wrong side)

The Norwegian possessions across the Atlantic (Faeroys, Iceland and Greenland) was NOT part of the “gift”, however and stayed Danish. The possessions on the British Isles were lost earlier. (Some given as a dowry when a Danish/Norwegian king married a Scottish Princess)

The Norwegians were not too keen on being ruled by the Swedes and wrote their own Constitution, which was adopted 17. May, 1814.
Thus a Union of Sweden and Norway was formed, with the Swedish King being the sovereign Monarch of both countries.

By 1905 the relationship had soured and Norway had built up it’s independent Government, Parliament and a strong Army and Navy.
It nearly ended in a war between the two, but when 10000 Swedes were chased across the border by one Norwegian, the Swedes found it better to let Norway go.
On 7.June 1905 Norway declared independence and became an independent and sovereign county again.

After a referendum a Danish Prince was invited to become King of Norway. He took the name Haakon VI.
His descendant (Grandson) is still Constitutional Monarch of the Kingdom of Norway. And everybody lived happily ever after.

PS> Now we only hope that Trump fix the Oil Price so we can continue to do so.for some more years.

Are you saying them is all real countries?!?


I don’t care who you are or where you are from if one understands the US mindset that is seriously funny.