Norway is really awesome


They all pretty much look beautiful, that’s true! Go US Women!


Hirscher pretty much showed everyone how to ski though.


Medal standing after day 9:


The girls looked pretty good in their practice runs for the downhill tonight.


The other winner were>>>>>:


Medal standing, day 10:


Medal standing, day 11:

The Guardian’s take on why Norwegians have been winning some many medals in these Olympics:

Lindsey Vonn has Norwegian ancestry:

No wonder she win so much.


Medal standing, day 12:


Norway is really cleaning up at the Winter Games. See you in a couple of years at the Summer Games.


Watch out for our 16 year old New Zealanders, 2 bronze after 20+ years. Now if we asked you to play a game of rugby you might well do it on skis and win but then again?
Just joking.


Yes New Zealand is among the most sporty countries in the world, just behind Norway and Slovenia:

Maybe having an inspirational Slovenian First Lady will help USA climb on the list??


Medal tally, day 13:


Personally the thought of travelling down a mountainside at 60 miles per hour with two planks of wood strapped to your feet and no brakes fills me with dread. No thanks I’ll stick to a good game of dominoes- a lot safer.


Medal standing, day 14:
Only 4 more medals of each valour to be won in these Winter Olympic Games.


Laying face forward on a luge going at even more speed down a icy track sounds even more scary to me. Not to mention the crazy “half-pipe” stunts.

Traditional ski jumpers are doing 90 km/h or more as they take to the air, but at least they don’t have to do acrobatics in the air, just fly longer and land safely.


The half pipe skiers are of an age where their frontal lobe is not fully developed and they are fearless or stupid.
I note that most are under 25.


Norway, being bros.


This coming week a cold spell is expected over Europe

At the same time a warm spell on Svalbard Could mean that Longyearbyen will be the warmest place in Northern Europe for a day or two:


Medal tally, day 15:


Final medal standing:
Heia NORGE!!!

And the most winning Winter Olympian of all times, Marit Bjoergen, shows off her medal harvest from this years event: