Norway is really awesome


The merchant fleet under NIS flag is growing again:

As is the number of Norwegian under education to become seafarers.


Norwegian Country music???
Yes it exists and here is an example for your enjoyment.
Sorry, I’m unable to translate the text, as it is in a dialect that I do not understand much of, but the the title is; “400 sheepshead” and you’ll understand why:



Unbelievable come from behind win in the men’s cross country “ski-athon” today. Seriously impressive and worthy of Olympic gold.


I hope Aalesund doesn’t get dragged into the “Russia” debate in the US.
Apparently some of the high flyers in that debacle enjoyed a “fishing trip” w/extras around here.
I got alerted to the story by our local paper, but it originate from Aftenposten, a national paper. (Unfortunately both behind pay walls)

This article from a Russian website is actually in refr. to the Aftenposten article:

(Hope this translate reasonably well, or at least readable)

I was wondering what this Yacht was all about when she visited Aalesund, first with a support vessel and the next time alone.
I took some pictures:

And here she is alone:


It is now 9 medals for Norway, but only two are GOLD (same as USA)

But do you remember where you were when Oddvar Braa broke his pole???
That is apparently one of the more important things to remember, if you are Norwegian. (Singapore-Norwegians are exempt, I hope)

Never heard of Oddvar Braa, or when he broke his pole?? Well, NY Times is trying to get Americans up to speed on this important event:


Hvor var du da Oddvar Brå brakk staven?”

That was interesting. FWIW I love XC skiing and just now came inside from a short session.


Norway is so awesome that their dogs have six toes and amazing flexibility.


Germany top the Gold medal count with 9, while Norway have the most medals overall, with 17:


And watch now as the US Women Winter Olympians say, “Hold my beer…”


Don’t hold too hard. Norway has had their biggest medal harvest yet today.
More to come tomorrow.


Griff Aviation is looking at the Offshore logistic market for their drones:

Will the next be crew change by drones???


Kind of tough for them in Super G, though. At least there was a podium finish. . . .looked real difficult out there which is why the event is one of my favorites. I am pretty much finished with the Winter Olympics now, though.


You have to watch Biathlon, Skiing and shooting why is it not popular in the States?


Too subtle. Have to be shooting while driving a monster truck in the mud, while drunk, I’d watch that. Hell I’d participate. Here, hold my beer.



Bravo Zulu to the Norwegians, we get it. However I think @Kennebec_Captain is onto something. The Scandinavians are hearty types who have to struggle mightily to amuse themselves, living as they do atop a barren and frigid rock where the sun don’t shine. It only teases them. The resultant frustration and lack of vitamin D may be what drives them to develop masochistic diversions like bolting from the dubious comforts of a hot sauna to jump into freezing water.
They are lovely people for sure but by American standards, watching the skiing and shooting game they’ve imposed on the rest of the world is a form of mild torture. The participants struggle mightily, huffing and puffing with misery sticks strapped to their feet, stopping every now and then, gasping for breath, where they have to stop breathing altogether so they can aim underpowered weapons at paper targets.
They need our help.
Americans are brash, prone to violence and demand instant gratification. We introduced snowboarding down half pipes where participants risk breaking their necks while launching themselves off the sides spinning like whirling dervishes. We’re innovators.
Why can’t we introduce a sport combining our affinity for exuberant and dangerous spectacles with our love of emptying large capacity magazines filled with armor piercing ammo.
We could launch 7 or 8 snowboarders from the top of the mountain that the downhill skiers use and encourage full body checking like in hockey. Toss the wimpy single shot .22 caliber target rifles and paper targets in favor of AR-15s on full auto, shredding life like targets of zombies popping up in the way of the snowboarders as they barrel down the hill to the accompaniment of ear splitting rock 'n roll blasting out from stacks of Marshall amps.
Once we get skiing and shooting up to speed, maybe we can spruce up curling, a bizarre pastime from Scotland which is more effective at putting spectators to sleep than Ambien.


That’s basically snow board cross with AR-15’s. I like it! :wink:


Well, our US girlies are kind of choking. Oh, well, still appreciate the amazing athletes. Yes yes Norway is cleaning up for sure.


I wouldn’t get rid of Lindsay for eating crackers in bed.