Northeast Maritime Online

Was curious what if anyone on here has taken any online courses with NEMO and if it was a good experience? Also wondering if anyone has done radar and arpa through NEMO and how that exoerience was/ how it worked

I used them for the online Advanced Fire Reval last year. I though it was a pretty decent online course, applicable modules, simple enough platform for the classwork and exam portion, and a brief video call with an evaluator for the “practical”. If I recall their office is quick to respond to questions/issues with course scheduling. I’d do it through them again if I needed to.

(I don’t know anything about their radar or arpa)

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I did AFF and GMDSS, fire fighting was decent. GMDSS was pretty good since I could do it at my pace.


Last I heard their arpa course isn’t uscg approved yet.
Can’t recommend their gmdss enough…it is put together very well. I will say that even though you can do most of it with your smart phone in hindsight I should have done the whole thing from my PC. Would have saved me some grief.


I did Advanced firefighting. No complaints. The practical assessments are pretty quick and I think the online content is thorough. Nice not having to dedicate off time to class, which is a bonus…

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I used them for advanced fire, made me feel like a moron due to how hard it was for me.

The one part that bothered me, and maybe they’ve updated it, it doesn’t give you a notification of any variety if you’re timed out. So I would do a bunch of practice / section quizzes and go to return to home page, and was met with a “please log back in” message, so none of the stuff I did X minutes prior was saved.

FYI: They have two sections- STCW approved and USCG approved. Anything under STCW will not be accepted by the USCG.

Even though I had a less than stellar experience for AFF, I plan on using them for radar as well.