Noise on boats

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has used any noise cancelling headphones aboard? I am looking for a pair and before I sink $$$ into some I’d like to know if they are worth it. Thanks!

I have used the Bose Quietcomfort 15’s for 2 years now, and I recommend them to all my shipmates. I have tried all the Dre Beats, Steinhauser, etc etc and the Bose take the cake. Amazon has them cheapest. Some headphones have better sound, but are not noise cancelling.

I’ve had a pair of noise cancelling head phones made by Solitude for about 6 years now. They are half the price of the Bose Quiet Comfort. Yes, they actually cancel roughly 15 decibels or so. I don’t know the exact number…but there is a difference. The Bose are great headphones though. I’ve never heard a complaint about them. It comes down to what you are willing to pay.

A Bose noise cancelling headphones are in my gear. Great for travel, and for a quiet time aboard.

I guess that is ok as long as you can still hear the alarms. would hate to get left behind.

[QUOTE=Louis;88844]I guess that is ok as long as you can still hear the alarms. would hate to get left behind.[/QUOTE]

I was just about to post the same thing. We had a guy that slept through a fire drill, general alarm and all. His excuse, he had his head phones on and did not hear the alarm. The Captain told him to lose them and if he missed another drill he would be written up.

I bought a set of Heil noise cancelling headphones in 2004. Excellent phones but had the same problem of not being able to hear the alarms.

I got a set of klipsch image s4 small lightweight and you can’t hear anything. Best 80 bucks I spent at bestbuy. Found them cheaper at other places.

I know a lot of guys around that sleep with ear plugs and it’s real hard to hear the alarms. But our crew is also told to open all the doors in thier way out to make sure everyone is up.

I wear earplugs to sleep. I dont like it but its the only way I can get to sleep. The wheelhouse and all its radios are just a few steps away, the engine room door is right below me and everybody loves to slam it, and the outside door is also outside my room.

I know its hard to sleep without ear plugs in some boats! That’s why I tell guys on your way out, knock and open all doors.

I just used some $20 Sony headphones and I listen to music real low. It’s enough to cut out the boat noise but not enough that I couldn’t hear alarms and talk to people. For me though it was more about harmonics than volume. At certain RPMs of the engines (around my head would start buzzing and I would end up with a migraine. Once I had a migraine I would get sea sick in 2 ft seas so the earphones were a lifesaver.

I got these for listening to music and they are just great:

They are not noise-cancelling, but they do muffle out most background noise.

I can’t comment too much on the “subtle nuance” audiophile gobbledegook because I have a wee bit of tinnitus.

For lying down I prefer earbuds, and since I am hard on those, I just use a set of Sony or Skull candy buds for around 15-20 bucks.

I’ve never had a problem not hearing an alarm thru earplugs or earbuds. If you can’t hear normal conversation, the music’s too loud. Not sure about noice-canx types though, my last set “disappeared” during a business trip and I replaced them with the studio phones I linked here.

I right there with you! The same goes for me.